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Qi 1.3 wireless power receiver integrates battery charger

Intended for small coil designs, Kinetic’s KTE7800 houses a wireless power receiver, LDO regulator, and battery charger in a 5×5-mm, 24-pin QFN package. The part is compatible with the WPC Qi 1.3 Baseline Power Profile (BPP), making it suitable for low-power applications up to 5 W.

Designers can use the integrated wireless power receiver and battery charger in space-constrained products that are powered by low- to medium-power lithium-ion batteries. Target products include earbud charging cases, personal care products, computer mice, and IoT devices.

The KTE7800’s onboard microcontroller is coupled with an extensive analog and digital framework supporting DC output, including 5 V, and multiple options for alternative battery chemistries. Its 12-bit ADC enables precise measurements of operational parameters. Also available are five multifunction GPIO pins, each with a 20-µA current source. Other features include ROM, RAM, and OTP memory, an I2C serial interface, and multiple protection functions.

Kinetic is previewing the KTE7800 now, with production planned for Q2 2023.

KTE7800 product page

Kinetic Technologies

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