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Rambus samples 6400 MT/s DDR5 registering clock driver

Rambus aims to advance data-center server memory performance with its RCD3-G1A Gen3 DDR5 registering clock driver (RCD) capable of 6400 MT/s. Currently sampling to major DDR memory module manufacturers, the RCD3-G1A delivers a 33% increase in data rate and bandwidth over Gen1 4800-MT/s devices.

The RCD3-G1A registering clock driver offers optimized timing parameters for improved registered DIMM margins. It is the key control plane chip, distributing clock and command/address signals to the DRAM devices on the DIMM.

In addition to the 6400-MT/s RCD3-G1A, Rambus offers other DDR5 memory interface chips, including 4800-MT/s and 5600-MT/s registering clock drivers, Signal Presence Detect (SPD) hub, and temperature sensors.

To learn more about DDR5 DIMM memory interface chips from Rambus, click here.


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