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Secure wireless MCU eases automotive designs

The NCV-RSL15 MCU from onsemi brings Bluetooth 5.2 wireless connectivity, embedded security, and ultra-low power to automotive applications. According to the manufacturer, the NCV-RSL15 is certified by the EEMBC as the industry’s lowest power secure wireless microcontroller. Designed to use as little power as possible, the device features a proprietary smart sense power mode to conserve battery power.

An Arm Cortex−M33 processor core with TrustZone Armv8−M security extensions forms the basis of the NCV-RSL15’s security platform. Arm’s CryptoCell security subsystem provides hardware-based root-of-trust secure boot, user-accessible hardware-accelerated cryptographic algorithms, and firmware-over-the-air updates.

Four low-power modes are available to reduce power consumption, while maintaining system responsiveness. These include sleep, standby, smart sense, and idle. Smart sense mode takes advantage of the low power capability of sleep mode, but allows some digital and analog peripherals to remain active with minimal processor intervention. Power specifications for the NCV-RSL15 include:

  • Sleep Mode (GPIO Wakeup) @ 3 V VBAT: 36 nA
  • Sleep Mode (Crystal Oscillator, RTC Timer Wakeup) @ 3 V VBAT: 81 nA
  • Peak Rx Current 1 Mbps @ 3 V VBAT: 2.7 mA
  • Peak Tx Current 0 dBm Output Power @ 3 V VBAT: 4.3 mA

With its rich library of sample code, a software development kit for the NCV-RSL15 provides a springboard for application development. Typical applications for the NCV-RSL15 microcontoller include keyless vehicle access using a fob or smartphone, tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), tire monitoring systems (TMS), and seat belt detection.

NCV-RSL15 product page


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