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SiC devices extend breakdown voltage to 1700 V

onsemi’s 1700-V EliteSiC MOSFETs and EliteSiC Schottky diodes provide reliable, efficient operation for energy infrastructure and industrial drive applications. The 1700-V NTH4L028N170M1 MOSFET brings increased breakdown voltage to high-power industrial systems, while the two 1700-V avalanche-rated Schottky diodes (NDSH25170A, NDSH10170A) allow designers to achieve stable high-voltage operation at elevated temperatures.

The EliteSiC MOSFET offers a maximum gate-source voltage range of -15 V to +25 V, suitable for fast-switching applications. At a test condition of 1200 V at 40 A, the MOSFET achieves a gate charge of 200 nC. According to onsemi, this is market-leading compared to equivalent competitive devices that are closer to 300 nC. Low gate charge is critical to maintaining high efficiency in fast-switching, high-power renewable energy systems.

With a breakdown voltage rating of 1700 V, the EliteSic Schottky diodes provide improved margin between maximum reverse voltage and the peak repetitive reverse voltage of the diode. The devices also excel in reverse leakage performance, with a maximum reverse current of just 40 µA at +25°C and 100 µA at +175°C. onsemi reports that competitive device are often rated at 100 µA at +25°C.

The NTH4L028N170M1 1700-V, 28-mΩ planar EliteSiC MOSFET comes in a TO-247-4LD package. Both the NDSH25170A 1700-V, 25-A EliteSiC Schottky diode and the NDSH10170A 1700-V, 10-A EliteSiC Schottky diode are supplied in TO-247 packages.


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