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Spectrum analyzer conducts general-purpose RF tests

Anritsu’s Field Master MS2070A handheld spectrum analyzer provides accurate RF measurements up to 3 GHz in field, lab, and manufacturing environments. Intended for standard swept spectrum analysis, the MS2070A achieves sweep speeds of up to 32 GHz/s in common low-noise configurations.

The compact, lightweight analyzer can be used for interference hunting, base station testing, coverage and interference mapping, and passive intermodulation. Key specifications include a dynamic range of >105 dB at 2.4 GHz, typical DANL of -167 dBm with an optional built-in preamplifier, and a third order intercept of +11 dBm. Typical level accuracy is ±0.5 dB.

A number of smart measurements are standard in the Field Master MS2070A. These include occupied bandwidth, channel power, and adjacent channel power. In zero span mode, the instruments displays TDD and pulsed signals with narrow resolution bandwidth of 10 Hz to 5 MHz for accurate measurements of power over time. Spectrograms are also supplied for accurate detection of intermittent interferers.

The MS2070A spectrum analyzer is outfitted with a 10-in. display that has a resolution of 1280×800 pixels. Built-in Ethernet and USBTMC interfaces are complemented by an optional Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/a/n interface for connecting to wireless routers.

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