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Sub-6 GHz switches optimize hybrid beamforming

Two sub-6 GHz SP4T switches from pSemi improve the spectral efficiency of hybrid beamforming antennas in 5G infrastructure and massive MIMO systems. According to pSemi, the production-ready PE42443 and PE42444 RF switches deliver fast settling time plus best-in-class linearity, low insertion loss, and high input power handling.

Massive MIMO systems use hybrid architectures to minimize power-hungry digital processing and reduce the number of power amplifier components. These hybrid architectures offer the ideal balance of digital and analog, combining the flexibility of digital beamforming with the power efficiency and design simplicity of the analog RF front end.

Each UltraCMOS device operates over a frequency range of 1.8 GHz to 5 GHz, covering the n41, n77, n78, and n79 bands. Two pin-to-pin compatible configurations are available: the PE42443 with negative and positive supply voltage and the PE42444 with positive supply voltage only. Both switches come in 20-lead, 4×4-mm LGA packages.

The PE42443 and PE42444 provide high linearity of 85 dBm (IIP3), as well as power handling of 37 dBm RMS and 40 dBm RMS, respectively. Insertion loss for both parts is 04 dB at 2.6 GHz and 0.49 dB at 3.8 GHz. No blocking capacitors are required if DC voltage is not present of the RF ports.

PE42443 product page

PE42444 product page


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