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Switch enables high-speed digital loopback testing

Menlo Micro’s MM5620 dual DP3T switch operates from DC to 20 GHz, delivering up to 64 Gbps (64 GT/s) while maintaining high data signal integrity. This fully integrated system-in-package (SiP) permits differential loopback testing in high-speed PCIe Gen 5, PCIe Gen 6, DDR, and SerDes applications.

Housed in a small 8.2×8.2×1.6-mm LGA package, the MM5620 integrates a switch driver and charge pump, along with loopback capacitors. According to the manufacturer, the part achieves a 90% reduction in size over conventional electromagnetic relays, making it particularly beneficial for high-volume production test sites.

The MM5620 offers fast signal switching, with an operating time of less than 10 µs and a release time of less than 2 µs. Menlo reports the MM5620’s switching speed is as much as 1000 times faster than electromagnetic relays. The device also boasts a lifetime of greater than 3 billion switching cycles. Power consumption is under 9 mW, considerably less than electromagnetic relays.

With its compact packaging, fast switching, reliability, and low power consumption, the MM5620 dual DP3T relay switch can reduce the cost-of-test for many high-speed data connectivity applications.

MM5620 product page

Menlo Microsystems 

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