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This Display Driver Will Enable Better LED Displays

The SSD2363 display driver offers enhanced durability, better battery life, higher efficiency and brightness along with other advantages of existing display drivers.

SSD2363 from Solomon Systech is the world’s first PM-MicroLED display driver for wearables and industrial applications. The SSD2363 improves the display quality and provides a high brightness display for the intended applications. The display driver not only offers the advantages of traditional display drivers but also provides enhanced durability, better battery life, higher efficiency and brightness. The PM-MicroLED display driver is suitable for use in a wide variety of applications such as display for wearables, home appliances and industrial applications.

According to the company, the SSD2363 can enable designers to build flexible displays that are foldable, rollable and transparent, which allows more possible display applications in the future. Moreover, the SSD2363 is compatible with a high-resolution PM-MicroLED panel up to 256 RGB x 256. Supporting 768 segments and 256 common output, it gives the manufacturers and brands more flexibility in tailor-making 16.7M colour display for panel sizes up to three inches according to their individual requirements. Moreover, SSD2363 supports 320uA segment maximum source current and 120mA common maximum sink current, demonstrating a remarkable advancement of the high-brightness PM-MicroLED display technology. The product supports a 24-bit parallel, SPI and MIPI interface which enables high-speed data transmission to facilitate the display of complicated contents.

Specifications of PM-MicroLED display

Resolution 256RGB X 256 dot matrix panel
Segment Maximum Source Current 320uA
Common Maximum Sink Current 120mA
Core VDD Power Supply (VDD) 1.65V-3.5V
High Voltage Supply (VCC) 8.0V-18V
MCU Host Interface Supported 8,16,24-bit 6800/8080-series Parallel Interface 3/4 Wire SPI 1,2-lane MIPI interface

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