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Tiny micromechanical switch handles 10 A

Housed in a miniature 5×5-mm surface-mount package, the MM9200 power switch from Menlo Micro provides a rated continuous current (AC or DC) of ±10 A. The SPST micromechanical switch also offers a standoff voltage (AC or DC) of ±300 V and ultralow contact resistance of 0.010 Ω.

The MM9200 aims to transform smart power and energy distribution by replacing bulky electromechanical relays, as well as solid-state switches such as IGBT and MOSFETs, where size, weight, power efficiency, and thermal management are critical system-level design parameters. A mechanical endurance of 1 billion switching operations allows the MM9200 to far outpace the lifetime of conventional electromechanical relays. In addition, the device’s 10-µs actuation speed is more than 1000× faster than its electromechanical equivalent.

Based on the company’s Ideal Switch technology with true metal-to-metal contacts, the MM9200 reduces losses and power dissipation by more than 90% compared to solid-state devices. Packaging options for the power switch include QFN and low-profile 5×5-mm WLCSP.

Menlo Micro has begun working with early-access customers to evaluate the MM9200. Evaluation boards and engineering samples for general sampling will be available in the first half of 2023.

MM9200 product page

Menlo Micro

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