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Top 10 Best Casters Reviews

Rearranging any personal or industrial space seems like an easy task until a heavy piece of equipment needs to be moved. In the long run, lifting heavy loads can cause unwanted human body injuries. Various equipment lifting machines are available but are restricted due to their larger size. If only there were a way to move heavy loads with minimum effort. This is where a caster wheel becomes an essential accessory.

The caster wheels are smaller versions of mobile wheels that assist in the movement of the attached object. These wheels are specially developed for carrying heavy loads, making them suitable for industrial as well as domestic applications. Before studying these wheels, we must have a good knowledge of a few governing factors which affect their overall performance.

  • Total loading capacity: The total loading capacity of a caster wheel is an important parameter. It refers to the overall load a caster wheel can endure without breaking or failing. Various factors contribute to the maximum load bearing capacity of a caster wheel. Depending on the type of wheel and the material used, this capacity changes.
  • Material: The quality of the material used affects the strength of the caster wheel. The material must possess good toughness to bear the heavy load. The material should also offer a good grip over the surface to control the movement of the load. Factors like rolling resistance and starting resistance are dependent on the material’s properties.
  • Wheel size: The overall diameter of a caster wheel is known as its size. The size plays an important role when using the wheel on various terrains. A smaller wheel size is good for flat surfaces and offers great maneuverability. The larger wheel size offers benefits when the surface is uneven. It also affects the loading capacity of the wheel.

With the help of these factors, the selection process for a good caster wheel becomes easier. As there are various caster wheels available in the market, it is common for consumers to get confused between various options. To assist your selection process, this article includes a detailed list of the best caster wheels available. We have also included a “Buying Guide” to make you aware of various governing factors.

Best Casters Tabulation

Best Casters Reviews

1. LIFELONG Casters

LIFELONG Casters Our first product on the list comes from Lifelong, a brand with expertise in accessories for office space. It manufactures a range of products as a solution for office space utility problems.

The Lifelong Office Chair Caster Wheel is suitable for heavy-duty applications. Being made up of lightweight material like polyurethane, it shows impressive weight-bearing characteristics. Paired with the ball bearing made of industrial-grade steel, the caster wheel can bear a maximum load of 650 pounds. Due to these ball bearings, the rolling movement of the wheels is silent and smooth.

The overall diameter of 3 inches improves the maneuverability of the wheel. To rotate freely, the wheel features a ⅞-inch stem mounting. With the swiveling motion, the wheel automatically adjusts its direction while moving. The caster wheels can roll over any flat surface without scratches.

 Best Features:

  • A maximum loading capacity of 650 pounds
  • Made up of polyurethane material
  • Roller bearing made up of industrial-grade steel
  • 3-inch wheel size
  • Built-in stem mount
  • Total unit count of 5 pieces


  • It offers a quieter and smooth operation
  • It is compatible with a wider range of surfaces and does not leave scratch marks
  • The wheel can adjust its own direction with zero human inference


  • It does not feature a brake system

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2. Office Owl Casters

Office Owl Casters The next product comes from Office Owl, a manufacturer of caster wheels. It produces various types of wheels to enhance the mobility of heavy equipment. The products are suitable for domestic as well as industrial applications.

The Office Owl Caster Wheel is suitable for office chairs. This caster wheel is made up of polyurethane material which shows good durability. These lightweight wheels are fixed on a steel bracket that keeps the wheels secured in their place. The caster wheel easily endures heavy loads with a maximum loading capacity of 650 lbs. It has a very smooth movement and rolls over any surface without leaving scratch marks.

The diameter of the wheel measures over 2-⅞ inches, making it suitable for all flat surfaces. With the help of a stem mount, the wheel is fitted onto the required surface. As the stem mounting offers free rotation to the wheel, it automatically adjusts itself to the intended direction. Its simple design takes a very short time to install or dismantle the wheels.

 Best Features:

  • A maximum load rating of 650 lbs
  • Wheel made up of polyurethane and fitted on a steel bracket
  • The wheel size of 2-⅞ inches
  • Features a stem mount for free rotation
  • Includes a total of 5 wheels in each pack


  • The wheel offers smooth movement with zero noise
  • It offers controlled movement even on the soft or hard surfaces
  • The automatic change in direction saves the transportation time


  • It does not feature a lock mechanism to arrest movement or rotation on demand

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3. Houseables Casters

Houseables Casters Within a decade of its inception, Houseables has managed to become a faster-growing brand. By keeping a millennial-focused development process, its products are built to match the needs of modern consumers.

The Housables Caster Wheel has a more practical design. This unit is made up of thermoplastic rubber material, which shows incredible shock-dampening properties. It is fitted into a steel housing that securely holds the wheel in its place. Each caster wheel has a load rating of 150 lbs resulting in a combined loading capacity of 600 lbs for the 4 wheels. Along with a good load rating, this wheel rolls smoothly over flat surfaces with minimum effort.

The wheel size measures over 3 inches which keeps the load centered toward the ground. A heavy-duty bolt is fixed with a stem mounting to offer a 360-degree rotation to the wheel. To control the movement of the wheel, it features a double lock mechanism. This lock restricts the movement of the swivel bearing and the wheel for safety.

 Best Features:

  • The maximum weight carrying capacity of 600 lbs
  • Wheels made up of thermoplastic rubber material
  • The wheel size of 3 inches
  • Stem mounting with heavy-duty bolt
  • Double locking system to restrict swivel and rolling movement
  • A unit of 4 wheels


  • This unit is the cheapest 3-inch wheel in its segment
  • It is compatible with a wider range of applications and terrains
  • The locking system come in handy on slopes thereby improving control over the movement


  • The stem mounting does not come in different sizes, making it exclusive for a certain size

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4. SOLEJAZZ Casters

SOLEJAZZ CastersSolejazz has been upgrading its product range with the latest technologies. As a result, its products carry an innovative design and improved functionality. These products are thereby able to enhance the consumer’s life by adding convenience and comfort.

The Solejazz Workbench Caster Wheel is one of the heavy-duty options on the list. This wheel is made up of thicker polyurethane material. A steel bracket holds the wheel in its place thereby transferring all the load on the wheels. With the help of a steel ball bearing, the wheel can lift a maximum load of 660 lbs. For smoother movement, the wheel swivels at 360 degrees without the need for adjustments.

Due to the wheel size of 2.5 inches, the wheel is suitable for flat and semi-rough terrains. To mount the wheel on the intended surface, it features a top plate. The plate has 3 holes on each end for easy and quick installations. It features a lifting pedal that lifts the workpiece to a set height.

 Best Features:

  • A maximum weight carrying capacity of 660 lbs
  • A lightweight construction made up of polyurethane material
  • The wheel size measures 2.5 inches
  • Steel ball bearing and steel wheel bracket with 360-degree rotation
  • Supports mounting with a metal plate
  • A total of 4 wheels per pack


  • The unique lifting system helps in aligning the load properly on the wheels
  • One of the wheels with the most durable construction
  • Installation of these wheels is simple and takes less time


  • It lacks the locking or braking system

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5. ASHGOOB Casters

ASHGOOB Casters ASHGOOB is a developer and manufacturer of mobility solutions for office space. Its product range is made up of durable materials and innovative designs to cater the modern consumers.

The ASHGOOB Caster Wheel is a compact unit, with a diameter of 2 inches. The wheels are made up of polyurethane material which offers a smooth movement of the workpiece. Due to the double ball bearing construction, each wheel can lift 150 lbs of load. With a combined load rating of 600 lbs for 4 wheels, any workpiece can be moved to a desired place. The dual-bearing design also offers a quieter and smoother movement of wheels.

Due to the 360 degrees swiveling features, the wheel automatically adjusts itself to a desired direction. For a secured mounting of the wheel over any workplace, it features a metallic plate with drilled holes. For added safety, the wheel also features a double-braking system. This brake restricts the rotational as well as the directional movement of the wheel.

 Best Features:

  • A combined load rating of 600 lbs
  • Wheels made up of polyurethane material
  • Double ball bearing design for smooth movement
  • Supports 360-degree rotation
  • Suitable for plate-mounted installations
  • A pack of 4 wheels


  • This unit is the cheapest option among the 2-inch wheels
  • The dual ball bearings offer a quieter and smoother movement of the wheel
  • It is suitable for the harsh outdoor conditions


  • The small size of the wheel is not suitable for uneven surfaces

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6. ABSLIMUS Casters

ABSLIMUS CastersABSLIMUS develops its caster wheels by focusing on innovations to offer the best solutions to its consumers. By adopting new technologies, its product range easily offers better quality and reliability.

The ABSLIMUS Caster Wheels are designed for very heavy loading conditions. These wheels are made up of premium polyurethane material for better durability. This material shows excellent shock-dampening and wear resistance. A double ball-bearing made up of high-strength stainless steel offers a maximum loading capacity of 2,300 lbs. The wheels are fitted into a steel bracket which transfers the load on the wheels in a balanced way.

With a size of 4 inches, the wheel easily adapts to any type of surface. Every wheel features a separate brake system that locks the wheel movement and its swivelling action. With the help of the plate mount, this wheel securely fits any workpiece. A set of screws and a spanner is also provided to assist in the installation of wheels.

 Best Features:

  • A combined load rating of 2,300 lbs
  • The wheel body made up of premium polyurethane
  • Double ball bearings made up of high-strength stainless steel
  • The overall wheel size of 4 inches
  • Thicker steel bracket and a mounting plate
  • Dual-brake system to restrict wheel and swivel movement
  • A pack of 4 wheels


  • It has the highest load-bearing capacity for a single unit
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty
  • The larger size of the wheel makes it compatible with indoor and outdoor applications


  • The braking handle is not ergonomically placed making it difficult to activate

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7. SPACECARE Casters

SPACECARE CastersSpacecare believes in continuous upgradation of its products. As a result, it has developed a range of reliable products that offer better quality and durability. The performance of its product range has made Spacecare a reputed brand amongst consumers.

The Spacecare Caster Wheels have a retractable design. It is made up of premium urethane material for enhanced durability. The wheel is fitted into a thick steel casing which further assists in load distribution on the wheels. As a result, this caster wheel can lift a maximum weight of 600 lbs with ease. The lift handle can be operated with a foot to adjust the height of the load. The handle is coated with anti-slip stripes to offer a better grip to the user.

The wheel size of 2.5 inches is suitable for soft and hard flat surfaces. For secured mounting, a mounting plate is fitted on the top of the caster wheel. The bracket is installed in a way to offer 360 degrees of rotation to the wheel. This helps in aligning the wheel in any direction. Over 16 screws are provided with this wheel for the installation process.

 Best Features:

  • A combined loading capacity of 600 lbs
  • Urethane wheel mounted on a thick steel bracket
  • The wheel size of 2.5 inches
  • Supports installation with a plate mount
  • Swiveling bearing for 360 degrees rotation
  • Comes in a pack of 4 wheels
  • 16 extra screws for secure installation


  • It has a sturdy built quality making it suitable for heavy-duty applications
  • The adjustable height offers a convenient way to load the material on the wheels
  • The wheel can re-adjust its direction due to a free rotation


  • It does not feature movement-locking features

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8. ASRINIEY Casters

ASRINIEY Casters Asriniey is also a manufacturer of mobility solutions for equipment transport. It has developed a variety of products suitable for domestic, office, and industrial applications. Its products adhere to all the industry standards, making them compatible with other attachments.

 The Asriniey Caster Wheel is one of the large-size wheels on the list. Made up of double-layered polyurethane, this wheel is designed specifically for heavier loads. Each wheel can endure 450 pounds of weight resulting in a combined loading capacity of 1,300 to 1,800 lbs. The double ball bearing configuration assists in heavy-duty applications while keeping the wheel movement silent.

The diameter of this wheel measures up to 4 inches, making it large enough for all terrains. The rotational movement of the wheel is kept free and hence the wheel can turn over 360 degrees. It also features double-locking to stop the movement of the wheel whenever needed. For a secured installation of wheels, it comes with a plate mount, a set of screws, and a screwdriver.

 Best Features:

  • A maximum load-carrying capacity of 1,800 lbs
  • Wheel made up of double-layered polyurethane
  • A larger wheel size measuring 4 inches in diameter
  • Supports plate-mounted installation
  • A pack of 4 caster wheels
  • 360 degrees unrestricted rotation
  • Features a double-locking system
  • Includes a set of screws and a screwdriver


  • It features a sturdy built quality and can endure heavy loads
  • Due to the double ball bearing setup, a quiet and smooth operation is achieved
  • The braking system helps in controlling heavy loads on the slopes


  • The mounting plate design can hinder the installation process with power tools

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9. HOLKIE CastersHOLKIE Casters

Holkie has been designing and manufacturing caster wheels for over 3 decades. All this experience can be seen in its product range which shows incredible quality and reliability. The products are designed for maximum efficiency with lower maintenance.

The Holkie Swivel Caster Wheels feature a compact size with good performance. Made up of a sturdy PVC material, this wheel endures heavier loads and shocks. Fitted with a steel bracket, this wheel can lift up to 1000 lbs of load with ease. Even under heavy loading conditions, the caster wheel doesn’t leave scratches. Due to the double precision ball bearings, the wheels offer a smooth and silent movement.

Measuring over 3 inches, this caster wheel is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. For easy and secure installation, the wheel comes with a top plate mount. A 360-degree swiveling head automatically changes direction according to the movement of the load. This caster wheel is suitable for transporting vibration-sensitive materials.

 Best Features:

  • A maximum load-bearing capacity of 1,000 lbs
  • Wheels made up of premium PVC material
  • Metallic bracket to securely hold the wheel
  • Wheel size measuring over 3 inches
  • Features top plate mount for easy installations
  • A pack of 4 units


  • Each wheel has a good load-bearing capacity
  • The 360-degree swivel design automatically changes the direction of the wheel
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty


  • These caster wheels do not feature a braking system

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10. CoolYeah Casters

CoolYeah CastersCoolYeah was founded to deal with the daily life problems experienced by its founders. The brand has since introduced a range of products that are reliable and made up of good quality materials. With better after-sales support, it has gained the trust of its consumers.

The CoolYeah Swivel Caster Wheels are designed for heavy-duty applications. This caster wheel is made up of high-quality PVC material that can dampen vibrations. As a result, a silent and smooth movement of the wheel is achieved. Each wheel has a higher load rating of 210 lbs, suitable for carrying heavy equipment. The wheel can rotate 360 degrees and automatically adjusts its direction of movement.

The wheel measures 3 inches, making it suitable for a wider type of terrain. For controlled movement of the wheel, it has a built-in brake system that restricts rotational and directional movement. Being a plate-mounted unit, this unit offers a quicker installation. A set of screws, nuts and two wrenches are also supplied to assist the insulation process.

 Best Features:

  • A maximum weight carrying capacity of 210 lbs per unit
  • Wheel made up of high-quality PVC
  • The 360-degree swiveling feature
  • The wheel size of 3 inches
  • Built-in dual-braking system
  • Supports plate-mounted installation
  • A total of 8 units per pack
  • Screws, nuts, and two wrenches included


  • It comes with a 1-year warranty
  • The dual-braking system controls the movement and rotation of the wheel on slopes
  • The installation process for these wheels is easy and less time-consuming


  • The unit is costlier than other options

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Buying Guide For The Best Casters

The caster wheels have made it easy to move any type of equipment or furniture with minimum effort. These wheels offer a simple and convenient way of transporting bulky time from one place to the other. Due to s simple design and easy installation, these wheels have become a part of commercial, industrial, and domestic applications.

As we have already gone through the list of the best caster wheels, we need to learn about a few governing factors. This buying guide explores the importance of a few factors and their impact on the wheel’s performance.

1. Total Loading Capacity

The maximum loading capacity of a caster wheel helps in deciding how much loading can be done on the wheel. There is a set limit up to which the wheel can safely transport the load. Wheels with a lower load rating can be used for lightweight applications. The heavy-duty wheels often offer a high loading capacity.

Since these wheels are used in a paired configuration, they offer a combined loading capacity. The load rating is dependent on various factors like its construction, use of material, its overall size, etc. It is always advised to check the manufacturer’s catalogs for checking the permissible load on a caster wheel. Choosing a wheel with a higher load rating than your actual need ensures safer operation.

2. Material

The material of the caster wheel plays an integral role in improving its overall strength. Various types of materials are used for building caster wheels. Each material shows its own property that affects the performance of the wheel. The popular materials used for caster wheels are rubbers, nylon, polyurethane, steel, etc. The rubber caster wheels are usually made up of a blend of synthetic or natural rubbers. These wheels are used for their enhanced shock absorption, suitable for fragile or sensitive loads.

Rubber wheels and polyurethane wheels are used in chemical or oil-related applications due to their non-reactive properties. Polyurethane wheels are more durable than rubber wheels and thereby suitable for heavy-duty applications. The nylon wheels show incredible impact resistance properties and can be used for rough applications. The steel wheels are heavy-duty and can be used for industrial environments. These wheels can endure heavy loads while resisting wear and tear.

3. Wheel Size

A wheel with better properties, material, and construction won’t be able to perform well if the dimension is not suitable for the terrain. Various factors like load rating are dependent on the overall size of the wheel. The size of a caster wheel determines its overall diameter. Small-diameter wheels are suitable for lower-load applications. Due to their smaller size, these caster wheels cost less than the larger units.

The small-size wheels are easy to maneuver and offer improved control while pushing or pulling. These wheels, however do not perform well on uneven surfaces and easily get caught in tighter gaps. The larger size wheels are suitable for higher loading applications. The size of these wheels offers mother rides even on rougher terrain. They offer better grip due to a larger area of contact. Even with good stability, these wheels are a bit difficult to navigate.

4. Type Of Caster Wheel

There are different types of caster wheels designed for a specific movement. These wheels are differentiated on the basis of their overall movement. The types of wheels include swivelling wheels, rigid wheels, locking wheels, etc. The swivel caster wheels are the most commonly used wheels. Equipped with swivel bearings these wheels can rotate 360 degrees. With a free rotation in all directions, the wheel doesn’t need to be aligned every time. These wheels are usually used for furniture or tool carts. The rigid caster wheels are known for their simple design. They have a fixed axle that does not rotate in any direction and moves in a straight line. These wheels are thereby used for heavy machines or conveyors. The locking or brake caster wheels have a built-in brake mechanism. These wheels offer smooth and controlled movement even over the slopes. The brakes can be disengaged when the wheels are moving and engaged whenever needed. These wheels are used for the precise movement of medical and industrial equipment.

Casters FAQs

1. What are the starting and rolling resistance in caster wheels?

Ans: The caster wheels experience two types of resistance during their movement. The starting resistance acts on the wheels when it is set into a movement from stationary positions. Wheels with a lower starting resistance can be easily moved. The rolling resistance acts on the wheels and prevents them from rolling. The wheels with better grip will endure rolling resistance.

2. What are pneumatic, semi-pneumatic, and flat-free caster wheels?

Ans: The pneumatic caster wheels are the regular tube-fitted wheels. These wheels include a tube filled with pressurized air for better cushioning. The semi-pneumatic wheels also include a small air pocket surrounded by a thick layer of rubber. These wheels are not easily punctured and can be used for rougher terrains. The flat-free wheels are made up of solid material for improved load-bearing capacity. These wheels are puncture-free and thereby offer good durability.

3. How does a caster lock wheel differ from a caster brake wheel?

Ans: Both caster lock and caster brake wheels offer control over the mobility of the wheel. The caster brake keeps the wheel secured at the set position. It prevents the movement of the wheel even under loading conditions. The caster lock is a directional lock, which controls the swiveling motion of the wheel. By engaging the lock, the direction of the caster wheel remains unchanged.

4. What are the different mountings available for caster wheels?

Ans: The mounting of caster wheels depends on their design. The top plate mount is the most popular mounting for caster wheels. This mounting does not need any drilled holes. A stem mounting is also suitable for the caster where pre-drill holes are available. It is advised to check the manufacturer’s manual for the correct mounting of caster wheels.


The use of caster wheels has simplified the way you move heavy equipment or loads. By fitting these wheels at the bottom of the carriage, quicker transportation of equipment is done. This article includes a list of the best caster wheels. A buying guide is presented to help you underneath the importance of a few governing factors. The FAQ section further deals with the common question related to the caster wheels. With the help of this discussion, we have chosen our favorite options from the list.

  • When you need to transport heavy loads, the ABSLIMUS Casters Wheels become an ideal option. Constructed with premium polyurethane material, these caster wheels are engineered to handle heavy loads. The polyurethane material boasts exceptional shock absorption and wear resistance properties. Paired with double ball bearings, this caster wheel can lift up a maximum load of 2,300 lbs. The wheels are securely affixed to a steel bracket, which ensures a balanced distribution of weight. Measuring 4 inches in size, the wheel is versatile and can be used on various surfaces. Each wheel is equipped with a separate brake system that allows locking of wheel movement and swiveling. The plate mount design allows for secure attachment to any workpiece. Installation is made easy with the inclusion of screws and a spanner in the package. Along with a good load rating, this option also shows incredible durability.

  • If you don’t want a limited budget to ruin your load-transporting activity, the ASHGOOB Casters Wheel is your answer. Being a small and compact unit, it measures only 2 inches in diameter. The wheels are made of polyurethane material, which provides better vibration absorption. The double ball-bearing construction allows each wheel to support a weight of 150 lbs, with a total combined load rating of 600 lbs for all four wheels. This allows for easy movement of any workpiece. The dual ball-bearing design also ensures a quieter and smoother movement of the wheels. The 360-degree swiveling feature allows the wheel to adjust to any desired direction automatically. The wheel is secured to any workplace with a metallic plate that features drilled holes. For added safety, the wheel is equipped with a double-braking system that restricts both rotational and directional movement of the wheel. With these features, this option performs on par with other wheels, and that too at a fraction of the price. Hence, this unit is our budget-friendly option.

  • For a perfect blend of performance and pricing, the ASRINIEY Casters Wheel is a perfect choice. It is a larger-sized option specially designed to handle heavy loads. The wheel is constructed with double-layered polyurethane, which ensures durability and strength. Each wheel can support up to 450 pounds, with a combined loading capacity of 1,300 to 1,800 lbs. The double ball bearing configuration endures heavy loads while maintaining a quiet movement of the wheel. Measuring 4 inches in diameter, the wheel is large enough to handle any type of terrain. The wheel supports 360-degree rotation to automatically change its own direction. The wheel also features a double-locking mechanism for added stability and safety. It comes with a plate mount, a set of screws, and a screwdriver for easy and secure installation. All the features are available at a justified price tag, making it a value-for-money deal.

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