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Top 10 Best Headset for Streaming Reviews

As a streamer, you know the importance of the perfect headset and how much it affects the streaming process. A streaming headset with a secure and comfortable fit will enhance the overall streaming or gaming experience by offering high-quality audio and seamless communication with viewers or teammates.

Here, in this article, we are discussing the top headsets for streamers available on the market. Microphone quality, ANC, sound quality, connectivity, and overall comfort are the key factors we have taken into account when creating the list.

If you are a seasoned or a beginner, our “Buying Guide” and list of streaming headsets will help you in making an informed buying decision. So, let’s dive in and explore the perfect headset for your streaming needs.

10 Best Headsets for Streaming

10 Best Headsets for Streaming

Here you can find the best headset for streaming on the market with a detailed description. Go through them to make a wise selection and buying decision on the headset.

1. HyperX Headsets for Streaming

HyperX Headsets for StreamingThe HyperX Cloud II Wireless Gaming Headset is the best gamer’s option designed with a perfect balance of quality, comfort, and performance for an immersive gaming experience, thanks to its 7.1 surround sound, 53mm drivers, and soft cushioning.

With its detachable noise-cancelling microphone, the gaming headset ensures clear communication with others. Its 2.4GHz wireless and up to 30 hours long battery life will allow you to enjoy gaming or streaming all day without any need for frequent charging. Additionally, it is compatible with the PS 4/5, PC, and Nintendo Switch. While its built-in mic monitoring feature allows for hearing your real-time voice to have a clear voice chat.

Customer Reviews:

Most users praised this headset for its comfortable fit (memory foam cushioning), long battery life, noise-cancelling microphone, and excellent sound quality that won’t cause any discomfort, even after prolonged use of uninterrupted gaming sessions. Yet some reported less wireless range.

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2. Corsair Headsets for Streaming

Corsair Headsets for StreamingThe Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless Gaming Headset is an ideal option for gamers or streamers seeking the best sound quality and comfort. Its Hi-Fi 7.1 surround sound makes you feel the real action with its immersive audio, while its broadcast-quality microphone allows you to communicate clearly with your team.

The lightweight aluminum construction, adjustable headband and memory foam ear cups of the headset offer a snug fit, comfortable wear, and a durable build that won’t make you feel fatigued, even if used for extended gaming or streaming sessions. Its 20-hour long battery life will allow you to continuously play or stream without any frequent charge.

This wireless headset is compatible with PS4 gaming platforms and PC. With its hyper-fast Slipstream wireless technology, the headset has ultra-low latency audio and exceptional 60 feet signal range for effortless usage. Yet Apple M1 chip devices don’t support the 7.1 surround sound.

Customer Reviews:

This headset has received an overwhelmingly positive response due to its performance, Hi-Fi 7.1 surround sound, and three connectivity options (Wireless, USB, and 3.5mm wired). This headset makes your gaming experience to the next level. Some people praised the omnidirectional microphone for a seamless and clear audio transmission with others. Yet some people reported being a bit expensive and having poor battery life.

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3. Audio-Technica Headsets for Streaming

Audio-Technica Headsets for StreamingThe Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT2 wireless headphone is the best solution for gamers looking for high-quality audio while traveling. The Bluetooth connectivity of headset allows for seamless connectivity of the devices without any cords.

Its premium audio-grade components such as a dedicated amplifier, advanced audio DAC, and large-aperture drivers of the headset offer pure, excellent sound clarity with accurate and deep bass response, irrespective of the frequency range. While the low-latency mode sync between the video and audio of the headset for smooth gaming and streaming.

The beamforming technology and dual mics ensure pure & clear call quality for a loud and clear hearing of the conversations. Overall, the headphones offer a superior audio experience when you are on the commute, workout, or lounging at home.

Customer Reviews:

Most users have praised this headset for its exceptional sound quality with deep bass, comfort, smooth Bluetooth connectivity, and convenient on-the-go design. Yet some complained about poor multi-pair connectivity and poor microphone quality.

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4. Razer Headsets for Streaming

Razer Headsets for StreamingThe Razer Kraken Kitty RGB USB gaming headset is the perfect option for those who love to customize the lighting as their desired, thanks to its chroma RGB lighting. The 7.1 surround sound offers realism and accuracy that make you get immersed in the game.

The headset with its retractable active noise-cancelling microphone allows for clear communication without distortion by minimizing the background noise. While its lightweight aluminum frame, and soft, cooling gel-infused ear cups will offer secure fit and comfortable wear to its users, even if worn for a long time.

Additionally, it features on-earcup audio controls that allow you to use them conveniently and easily. Overall, the headset has praising features and performance. It is compatible with PC-Windows 10 and uses the THX spatial audio.

Customer Reviews:

Most users are impressed with this headset due to its vibrant and customizable RGB lighting, THX 7.1 spatial surround sound, and ANC microphone that takes your streaming or gaming experience to the next level. Yet some users complained about poor connectivity issues and are not compatible with Xbox.

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5. SoundBot Headsets for Streaming

SoundBot Headsets for StreamingThe SoundBot SB221 HD Wireless Headset is most preferred by gamers who seek high-quality, comfortable, and reliable headsets. The secure fit and ergonomic design with swivelable earcups, wireless Bluetooth connectivity, built-in microphone, and water-resistant frame (sweat-resistant) will make the headset an ideal option for both outdoor and indoor activities.

Its intuitive control buttons allow you to activate voice commands, control music, call management, and navigate easily and quickly. The noise reduction technology and high-performance drivers of the speakers enhance your HD listening experience. Also, it comes with a 25-hour long battery life that allows you for all-day use without any constant recharging.

Customer Reviews:

The headset has received overwhelmingly positive responses from numerous users for its sound quality, comfort, and versatility. Some praised its intuitive control buttons for ease of use. Yet some people criticized the poor microphone design.

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6. Besign Headsets for Streaming

Besign Headsets for StreamingThe Besign SH03 sports headphones are the preferred option for those looking to enjoy music or take hands-free calls. As the name implies, this stereo wireless headphone is made specially to use for running, jogging, or other physical activities. Its behind-the-head design offers the utmost stability and comfort. While its Bluetooth technology (V4.1) offers a stable connection to deliver high-quality audio/sound wirelessly.

With its built-in microphone having noise cancellation technology (CVC6.0), the headset provides hands-free calling with clear communication, even in noisy areas. This wireless headset comes with a 25-hour music time that let you enjoy tunes/music without any need for frequent charging. Also, it is quite easy to carry around, as it comes with foldable arms that can be stored in a travel pouch.

Customer Reviews:

Based on the user’s feedback, this headphone is a perfect option for those seeking reliable and comfortable Bluetooth headsets. Most users praised its sound quality and noise cancellation technology. While its behind-the-head design offers the utmost comfort and allows you to do workouts without moving/falling apart. Yet some people reported poor multi-device Bluetooth pairing issues.

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7. Sennheiser Headsets for Streaming

Sennheiser Headsets for StreamingThe Sennheiser HD 450BT wireless headphones are designed with a perfect combination of function, comfort, and style to deliver superior sound quality. It features active noise-cancellation technology that blocks external noise and ensures clear listening/hearing of podcasts, music, or tunes. Its 30 hours long battery life and quick USB-C charging will allow you to listen to your favorite music uninterrupted, even for all-day without frequent charging.

Its intuitive control like the virtual assistant button allows for easy access to voice-controlled features along with adjusting volume and skipping tracks. Its Sennheiser app offers podcast mode, equalizer, and even receives firmware updates to customize your preferred listening experience.

Besides the wireless headphone, the pack includes an audio cable, carry case, USB-C charging cable, safety guide, and a quick guide. However, its foldable design allows you to store and carry them around easily. While its Bluetooth technology (V5.0) offers reliable connectivity along with supporting AAC, and AptX low-latency codecs.

Customer Reviews:

This headset has received overwhelmingly positive responses from numerous users due to its superior sound quality, comfortable fit, and ANC feature. Some users reported poor microphone design and less cord length.

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8. Beyerdynamic Headsets for Streaming

Beyerdynamic Headsets for StreamingThe beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro X headphones are designed to meet all your audio requirements, including mixing, listening, and mastering that delivers a spatial, detailed, and transparent sound for an immersive audio experience.

Another great feature is its comfort which is designed with an adjustable headband and outstanding passive cushioning to have a secure fit and comfortable wear. It ensures an optimum audio experience with minimal sound leakage (since it is an open-back design).

Coming to their robust workmanship and durability, these headphones are made of high-quality materials that withstand regular wear and are built to last longer upon regular use. Since they are made in Germany, you can have peace of mind about their sustainability.

Customer Reviews:

Most users praised this headphone for its sound quality, durability, and comfort. Some got impressed by its wide applicability from audio editing to music listening. The stellar 45 drivers deliver unmatched detail and clarity in the audio. While its open studio design is liked by most people who want to feel the room with music. Yet some complained about the poor build quality.

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9. Fifine Headsets for Streaming

FIFINE Headsets for StreamingThe FIFINE gaming headset for PC is an ideal choice for streamers or gamers looking for an immersive sound experience while streaming or gaming, especially its 7.1 surround sound feature will make you feel it is real action.

It has in-line control that lets you adjust or set the volume, change the EQ mode, or mute the microphone. The RGB lighting of the headset will add a touch of style to the headset, while its durable USB cable makes it last longer. Coming to its compatibility, the gaming headset is compatible with Mac, Windows, PS 4/5, and laptops.

Customer Reviews:

Users praised this headset for its sound quality, comfort, and overall performance that enhance the overall gaming or streaming experience. Its comfortable wear and in-line controls allow for concise and clear communication with others. Yet some users reported finicky microphone and less cord length.

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10. JBL Headsets for Streaming

JBL Headsets for StreamingThe JBL Live 650BTNC Bluetooth headphones are designed with advanced noise-cancelling technology and a comfortable fit that deliver a superior listening experience. With its multi-device connectivity and voice assistant integration, the headphones allow you to control the music and hands-free calling while traveling/moving.

This over-ear design offers a snug fit and comfortable wear with soft-ear cushions that let you wear them all day without any discomfort. While its noise-cancelling technology blocks out the external noise and lets you immerse in the music or game. The long battery life of up to 20 hours allows you to use the headset uninterruptedly for a long time. Also, its quick 15-minute charge provides another 2 hours for extended usage.

Customer Reviews:

Most users praised this headphone for its noise-cancelling feature, great sound quality, integration with voice assistants, and comfortable fit. Yet some users complained about low battery life and some connectivity issues.

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Buying Guide for the Headsets  for Streaming

A comfortable headset with good features delivering high-quality audio is quite an essential accessory to communicate clearly with the audience while streaming. To make your purchase worthwhile, we need to consider some factors while shopping for the streaming headset.

Let’s dive into the details…

1. Comfort & Fit

Usually, streaming takes a lot of time, and wearing a poorly fit headset for a long time will make you feel uncomfortable. So, look for a headset with an adjustable headband and soft padded ear cups that offer a secure fit and comfortable wear, even for extended time periods.

2. Sound Quality

The next thing we need to check is its sound quality. A headset delivering good sound quality will enhance the overall viewing experience of the audience. So, look for a headset having high-quality drivers that produce clear and accurate sound, irrespective of the frequency.

3. Microphone Quality

The next feature we need to consider is its microphone. A streaming headset with a high-quality microphone provides a clear voice to ensure an easy understanding for your audience. Also, check for the noise-cancelling feature that minimizes the background noise and enhances the audio clarity.

4. Connectivity

A USB connection is required to connect the headset in most streaming platforms. So, check whether the headset you choose has a USB interface or not. Some headset models come with a built-in audio control that lets you adjust or set the volume level or mute the microphone.

5. Durability

Any equipment undergoes a lot of wear and tear upon regular usage, the same applies to streaming headsets. Besides comfortable fit, you need to check for its durability. So, look for a headset that is built to last longer with sturdy construction using materials that withstand heavy usage.

Ultimately, the final decision on selecting the best headset for streaming depends on your personal preference, needs, and budget range. However, we suggest you consider these key factors to distinguish between different options and select your ideal headset that suits your streaming requirements.

Headset for Streaming FAQs

1. Which one is better for streaming – a headset or a mic?

Ans: It is always better to stream with a headset having a built-in microphone rather than a mic. The reason for this is that a headset with microphone provides a clear audio to communicate with viewers and also for gaming as well.

2. Can a streamer use a gaming headset?

Ans: Yes, streamers can use gaming headsets that offer the best noise cancellation, a built-in microphone, and high-quality audio with a comfortable fit while streaming.

3. What is required for a gamer to start streaming?

Ans: A gamer who seeks to stream needs to check for these things while streaming –streaming software, computer, internet connection, and a headset with a built-in microphone or mic for audio. Besides these, they need a webcam for video and a capture card to stream console gameplay.


We hope you got a clear idea of how to choose the best headset for your streaming purpose. Here are some of our quick recommendations based on different categories that will ease your selection process.

  • The Best Overall Headset will be HyperX Headsets for Streaming The reason for this is that it has 7.1 surround sound (for sound quality), memory foam cushioning (for comfort), noise cancelling technology (for clear communication), Bluetooth connectivity, and 30-hour long battery life (uninterrupted usage).

  • The Best Wired Headset option is Razer Headsets for Streaming because it has RGB lighting, THX 7.1 surround sound, noise-cancellation, on-earcup audio controls, and comfortable & cooling gel-infused cushions.

  • The Best Budget-Friendly option is SoundBot Headsets for Streaming It has an ergonomic design with a secure fit, intuitive control buttons, sweat-resistant, longer battery life, and excellent sound quality at a cheaper price.

If you have any queries regarding the selection of these headsets for streamers, then feel free to share them with us in the comments section below. We will respond promptly and try to resolve your queries.

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