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Top 10 Best Waterproof Tents Reviews

You went camping seeing that it’s a sunny day and it will be all fun enjoying nature in the outdoors. But the weather is so unpredictable and all of a sudden it started to rain heavily. Your campaigning and enjoyment in the situation will be all in vain. It will become cold, uncomfortable, and miserable until and unless you have a decent waterproof tent.

So this article is here for you to choose the perfect waterproof tent for your trip so you can have an amazing time with your loved ones.

If you are in a rush, here’s what you need to know before buying a waterproof tent:

  • Size and space: The very first feature to consider is the size and space inside the tent. Waterproof tents are available in different sizes and capacities. There are smaller tents that can accommodate 1 to 2 persons, and there are also tents available that can comfortably fit 8 to 12 persons.
  • HH Rating: HH stands for Hydrostatic Head Rating. It’s measured in millimeters. It basically means how strong your tent is at holding water. It can vary from 1000mm to 5000mm.
  • Ease of set up: Waterproof tents widely vary in terms of materials. The polyester ones are the most common. Polyester is popular among campers because it is lightweight and naturally resistant to water. You can also choose nylon tents which are water-resistant and also very affordable. Cotton canvas tents are also quite popular. Cotton will keep you warm and ventilated. The only downside of canvas cotton tents is that they are more likely to condense.

In this article, we are enlisting the 10 best waterproof tents available in the market right now. Our reviews are based on user experience, ratings, and best reviews. We have also included a full list of factors you must consider before buying a waterproof tent. So, do check our “Buying Guide” at the end of this article.

Best Waterproof Tents Chart

Best Waterproof Tents Reviews

1. CAMPROS CP Waterproof Tent

CAMPROS CP Waterproof TentThe CAMPROS CP waterproof tent is one of the most popular tents among the backpacking community for its superior performance, spacious interior and affordable price tag.

It’s incredibly spacious measuring 11′ x 7′ x 72″H which can accommodate 1 queen size air mattress inside it. It can accommodate 6 people but it can be a bit of a squeeze. It’s ideal for 5 people to sleep comfortably.

It’s made from 185T polyester with 1000 mm polyurethane hydrostatic coating; the tent ensures 1000mm water-resistance. The tent will stay 100% dry in light to medium rain-fall. The tent comes with 1 large mesh door, 3 mesh windows and a removable rainfly to keep inside well-ventilated and prevent condensation.

The carry bag it comes with is a sleeping bag that measures 24.8 x 7.28 x 7.28 inches. Other features include an electrical access port, built-in hook to hang lights and a wall storage pocket where you can keep your valuables. Moreover, it won’t weigh your bag down.

All in all, it’s a great tent for the price you pay. Not the highest in terms of waterproofing but it does the job. If you are an avid camper who needs a 4 season tent, we don’t recommend this. We have better options for you.

Best Features:

  • Dimensions: 11′ x 7′ x 72″H
  • Waterproof Rating: 1000mm
  • Capacity: 6 person
  • Material: 185T polyester
  • Weight: 6.37 kg


  • Spacious
  • Easy to set up
  • Well ventilated
  • Good for beginners


  • Not the best in terms of waterproofing

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2. Londtren Waterproof Tent

Londtren Waterproof Tent This tent from Londtren is an amazing option for people who are looking for instant pop-up tents. This pre-assembled tent comes with pre-assembled poles, which are set up in seconds. You have to simply open the bag and let it go.

The tent has a spacious interior that measures 9.2×6.6 feet which can easily fit 2 to 3 people and all your equipment. The ceiling height is 4.3 feet. The family camping tent is made from 190T polyester which is resistant to 3000-4000 mm rain.

There are no windows; instead, it comes with two large mesh front and back doors, which keeps the inside incredibly breathable. Plus, it’s incredibly lightweight, weighing only 12 lbs.

All in all, the family-size tent is a great choice for people looking for a camping experience. It’s spacious, well ventilated and above all well-price compared to many others on the list.

Best Features:

  • Dimensions: 9.2×6.6 feet
  • Ceiling height: 4.3 feet
  • Capacity: 3 to 4 people
  • Material: 190T polyester
  • Water-resistant: 3000-4000 mm
  • UV 50+ protection
  • Weight: 12 lbs


  • Pops up instantly in 30 seconds
  • Easy to put away
  • Easy to move with


  • The door flap is difficult to open and close

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3. Forceatt Waterproof Tent

Forceatt Waterproof TentThe Forceatt camping tent is definitely a great choice for backpackers and campers who are looking for superior waterproofing. The tent has a waterproof rating of 3000 mm. It measures 86.6×51.1×43.3in, which can accommodate 2 persons at a time. It’s smart, lightweight, and quick to set up and takes only 3 minutes.

It has triangle vents and rain fly which provides complete protection from rain while allowing fresh air in to keep the inside as comfortable as possible. The adjustable vents at the top help to reduce condensation by releasing the warm and humid air.

It’s made of high-quality 70D polyester fiber, which does a great job in terms of waterproofing. In fact, it comes with 7001 windproof rods, which hold up well in a thunderstorm. The tent has two D-shaped doors and a large mesh window to keep the air flowing. Also, there’s a waterproof coating in the tent’s stitching to stop the water from leaking into the tent from its seams.

All in all, if you are an avid backpacker or trekker, you will love this waterproof tent for being lightweight( 5.68 lbs), spacious and easy to carry. It’s efficient at its job and holds pretty well under thunderstorms.

Best Features:

  • Dimensions: 6×51.1×43.3in
  • Waterproof rating: 3000 mm
  • Weight: 5.6 lbs
  • Material: 70D polyester
  • Two D shaped doors
  • One large mesh window
  • Waterproof coated seams


  • It’s lightweight
  • Spacious than it appears
  • Fits 2 adults comfortably
  • Great portability
  • Easy to set up


  • The vents might leak under rain when they aren’t shut.

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4. Gonex Waterproof Tent

Gonex Waterproof Tent The Gonex camping tent is another great option for people who want a spacious tent. The Gonex camping tent measures 7.9*7.9*4.9 ft, which can comfortably adjust 2 adults.

The waterproof tent is made from PU with a waterproof index of 3000mm. There are two U-shaped doors on each side. Compared to others which only have a single door, the Gonex camping tent with two U-shaped doors doesn’t affect the other person when you have to exit at night.

Though it claims to accommodate 3 to 4 people, it will be too squeezed in. We suggest it’s best for 2 adults and maximum one child. It has two ground vents instead of windows on top which enables ventilation as well as prevents the water from seeping inside the tent.

The best part about this tent is the headroom size. When fully assembled it stands approximately 8.83 feet. Thus you don’t have to crouch while moving around inside the tent. The floor is made of waterproof and tearproof 120G oxford cloth.

Best Features:

  • Dimensions: 9*7.9*4.9 ft
  • Waterproof rating: 3000mm
  • Capacity: 2 adults
  • Ground vents
  • Two U-shaped doors
  • Headroom space: 8.83 feet
  • Base material: 120G oxford fabric
  • Weight: 8 lbs


  • Ample headroom space
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Ample space for 2 adults
  • Easy to set up


  • The floor might leak under heavy rain. So it’s better to use a tarp under it.

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5. Gazelle Waterproof Tent

Gazelle Waterproof TentWe love the Gazelle Hub tent for being spacious and easy to set up. The easy-pop-up tent takes only a few minutes to set up, and once fully opened, it can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people inside.

This has so much of interior space that you can easily place a full-size air-bed mattress inside while leaving plenty of space beside for your gears. It comes with a convertible screened porch for some additional room or sleeping area.

The headroom measures 78” tall which means you can easily roam around without having to crouch. There are 5 mesh windows inside, which keep in interior dry and well-ventilated and prevent condensation. It’s made of 210D Oxford mixed polyester shell material with an HH rating of 2000mm.

There is one large main entrance and an additional D-shape door means you wake up another person when you need to exit at night.

It has removable floor for easy cleanup. Tp-class YKK zippers with waterproof coating ensure durability and prevent water from seeping. The large rainFly which is removable, is also incredibly easy to set up and remove.

Best Features:

  • Dimensions: ‎165 x 94 x 78 inches
  • Capacity: Upto 8 people
  • Waterproof Rating: 2000mm
  • Weight: 42 lbs
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • YKK zippers
  • Removable floor
  • Two doors


  • Very easy to set up
  • Ample space for a full size airbed mattress
  • Affordable compared to others
  • Two doors


  • The floor might leak under heavy rain.

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6. Moon Lence Waterproof Tent

Moon Lence Waterproof Tent The Moon Lence is a perfect option for families searching for a caravan-style experience. This waterproof tent is deceivingly spacious and has a sleeping capacity for 8 people.

This has so much space that you could easily fit 2 queen size beds inside. The coolest part about this tent is that it has two separate inner tents inside, which work like two separate rooms. You can easily keep all your camping equipment in the living room between the two separate tents without having any space crunches.

The internal dimension if this incredibly spacious tent is 86.61*94.49*61.02 inches in fact it has ample headroom that a 6 feet tall person can easily move around. Coming to its build quality, the base fabric is made of 190T polyester, and the bottom fabric is 150 D polyester.

It has a waterproof rating of up to 2000 mm, which is not the highest, but it doesn’t hold up against wet weather pretty well. It comes with plenty of tent stakes, and we are amazed by the stability of this tent. The camping tent weighs around 26.5 lbs which is heavier than standard-sized tents.

Anyway, if you can manage to ignore the issue with weight, it’s one of the most spacious tents, great for families with couple kids.

Best Features:

  • Dimensions: 86.61*94.49*61.02 inches
  • Capacity: Upto 8 people
  • Weight: 26.5 lbs
  • Water resistance upto 2000 mm
  • Two separate tents each side


  • Easy to set up
  • Spacious
  • Good ventilation
  • Great value for money


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7. Beesky Waterproof  Tent

Beesky Waterproof  TentThe Beesky waterproof tent has a spacious interior which measures 12×9 feet. It can easily accommodate 4 people and 2 adults.

It has a centre height of 75.6 inches, meaning anyone can move around the tent without crouching. The tent is made from 185T polyester and includes a 1000mm Pu-treated rainfly. It comes with 14 fixed stakes and 2 fiberglass poles, which are incredibly easy to set up. To our surprise, the tent can hold up against harsh wind and can withstand 35+ mph winds.

We love the streamlined design, which takes only a few minutes to set up. One large mesh window keeps the inside well-ventilated and prevents condensation. Furthermore, it has an electrical cord port that lets you run a cord from your device to an outside power source. It has ample space to fit two queen-size airbed mattresses.

The quality of the tent is pretty decent. What we like the most is the spacious interior. You should remember that rainfly is water-resistant, not waterproof. So, it’s only good for light rains. It has 3 to 4 side air mesh which provides enough ventilation and prevents condensation, but the only drawback is the visibility. With the door closed and the rainfly, the visibility gets very limited. So, if you plan to stargaze at night, you must remove the rainfly.

It comes with 1 year of warranty and quality assurance. And with good care, it should last a pretty good time.

Best Features:

  • Dimensions: 12 x 9 x 6.3(H) ft
  • Capacity: 8 people
  • Weight: 17.85 lbs
  • One front door
  • Water-proof rating: 1000 mm
  • 4 mesh air vents


  • Ample space
  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable
  • Comes in two sizes


  • Might leak under heavy rain

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8. Naturehike Waterproof Tent

Naturehike Opalus Waterproof Tent The Naturehike Oplaus Waterproof backpacker’s tent is another great option for backpackers and campers traveling in groups. It’s popular for being incredibly lightweight and functional. Although it’s marketed as a 4 person tent, you will find it ideal for a maximum of 3 people.

This tent is made of 210T polyester and has a waterproof rating of 3000mm; this tent will keep you dry and comfortable when the weather turns. It has 7001 aluminum poles which provide an optimum balance between weight and strength and support the base under heavy rain and snow.

This comes with a large vestibule which offers you great space to store your camping gear and even cook when the weather is good. Mesh storage pockets are on the wall to keep your sunglasses, mobiles, and other gear handy. It’s also relatively lightweight for its size and space. It has great space and excellent ventilation inside.

Best Features:

  • Dimensions: 6″Lx43.3″Wx39.4″H
  • Capacity: 2 to 3 people
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs
  • Material: 210 T polyester
  • Waterproof Rating: 3000mm


  • Great space
  • Large vestibule
  • Well ventilated
  • 3000 mm waterproof rated
  • Lightweight


  • Not an ideal 4 season tent as it claims

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9. Luxcol Waterproof Tent

Luxcol Waterproof Tent Choosing the right tent for a family backpacking trip is an entirely different challenge. You need something that is both sturdy and lightweight that can withstand bad weather while also being large enough to accommodate everyone.

The Luxcol camping tent satisfies all your family camping needs. It’s primarily designed for 4 people but depending on the age and size of your children you could possibly fit five. There are two main factors which makes it such a good choice for family campers.

One, it’s all-around waterproof and windproof construction. It has a PU rating of 5000 mm which can resist heavy rainfall. And has 9.5 mm wide strong supportive fiberglass poles which can resist strong winds of level 8.  And second, its versatility. It has a detachable inner and outer tent construction. The inner tent has a mesh top perfect for stargazing at night with your family. And an outer tent with rainfly provides you with reliable privacy and protection.

We love the fact that it has two doors on each side. An adjustable window on the rainfly promotes air circulation. The outside of the zippers has a layer of waterproof coating that prevents water seepage through the zipper. It comes with a travel backpack and weighs only 9 pounds.

Best Features:

  • Dimensions: 8*7*4.5 ft
  • Capacity: 4 people
  • Waterproof rating: 5000mm
  • Weight: 11.26 pounds
  • Two doors at each side
  • Detachable outer tent
  • Zippers with waterproof coating


  • Excellent waterproofing
  • Spacious
  • Double door
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


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10. WHITEDUCK Waterproof Tent

WHITEDUCK Waterproof TentIf you like to travel with friends and family and require a tent that can fit your entire group, this is another cool option. Even though it’s expensive, it’s quite popular among campers because of its excellent build quality, efficiency and waterproofing.

It comes with all the equipment, including rafter angle kits, aluminium frame, tent stakes, and a free-floating PVC floor. It’s made from 100% cotton duck twill and has military-grade YKK zippers, enhancing its durability and stability. It has durable 3-layer large windows with zipper enclosure and a storm flap.

The doors have an extra buckle fastening which covers both inside and outside, plus a flap over the door panel to keep the rain and wind out. The wall skirting and the ground sheet are constructed from weatherproof 16 oz polyvinyl, ensuring a weather-tight sealing. Each wall of the tent also has a sod cloth sewn into the tent’s ground seam, which extends an extra 8” from the ground floor and seals the ground completely.

It’s a true 4 season tent that can accommodate large groups. You can choose from 5 different sizes.

Best Features:

  • Dimensions:8’x10′
  • Capacity: 4 person
  • 16-inch sun shade
  • Weight: 146 lbs
  • Tent height: 7.6 ft


  • Difficult to set up
  • Expensive

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Buying Guide for Best Waterproof Tents

There is a misconception that all tents are waterproof. Not all of them are waterproof. That’s crazy but true. So let us help you to choose the best-featured waterproof tent for you so you can enjoy your trip with a smile on your face.

When shopping for a waterproof tent, keep these factors in mind.

1. Size and Space

Tents are available in various sizes and capacities. It can range from a one-person tent to an eight to twelve-person tent. The more roomy the tent, the larger it is.

Let’s say you were enjoying the beauty of nature while eating lunch with your friends or family when all of a sudden, it began to rain. In this case, you have to pack up everything and eat your meal inside the tent together. In those cases, your tent needs to be roomy enough for all of you to sit comfortably and have your lunch there. A tent that allows you to roam around freely, have lunch, play cards, or do anything you want to do is comfier so that you are not bored while it is raining outside.

2. HH Rating

Hydrostatic Head rating is a waterproof rating measured in millimeters. It basically measures how strong your tent is at holding water.

If a tent has a 2000mmng, it means it can hold a 2000mm tall column of water. A high-quality waterproof tent has an HH rating between 2000m to 5000mm.

3. Material and Durability

Tents can be made from a wide range of fabrics, and the durability of the tent depends on the fabric. Let’s have a quick look at different fabrics.

  • Polyester Tents: Polyester tents come with a variety of coating, and the price will depend on the type of coating; you just need to do little research before buying them. Compared to nylon, they are more durable. Tents made of polyester and polycotton are almost the same, but a polyester tent won’t get heavier when it comes into contact with water.
  • Canvas tent: One of the common materials used in making tents is cotton or canvas. Cotton will keep you warm but also allows for ventilation when it gets too hot. Cotton is less likely to condense. Before using it, you must perform a weathering test on your tent since the fibers must swell and nestle. After that, it will become more durable and waterproof.
  • PVC-coated Tents: Polyvinyl chloride coating makes your cotton tent already waterproof. The only downside of this layer is that it is more likely to condense. To avoid the condensation problem, choose a tent with enough ventilation.
  • Polyester-cotton Tents: This combination makes the tent more durable. This type of tent does not need any other coating for water resistance. If you are looking for a tent that will last for years, then polyester cotton tents are the perfect option for you. They are more affordable compared to other materials.
  • Nylon Tents: Nylon tents are the most affordable tents available in the market and are also very lightweight, which makes them perfect for hikers. Nylon tents also do not get heavier or shrink as the nylon fiber does not observe water. By nature, the fabric is water-resistant.

4. Ease of Set Up

Some tents are so simple to assemble that a 4-year-old can do it, while others are so challenging that you might become exhausted.

Try setting it up in stores before purchasing (some stores allow space for a try). If you thoroughly and correctly build a tent, it will stay longer.

A tent with colored sleeves and tubing may be preferable if you struggle to remember which poles go where and it will also be a fun activity for your kids. Additionally, some tents already have the rainfly draped over them, saving you time.

The simplicity of setup varies greatly from tent to tent. Before purchasing a waterproof tent, compare and test a few.

5. Design

The two most common tent designs are dome and cabin.

As the name suggests, dome tents are shaped like a dome. They effectively deflect wind. Water can easily slide off the tent walls because they do not have a flat top. They are really superior if you are camping in bad weather.

Cabin tents will give you the look of a cabin. They are more spacious than dome tents; you can easily walk around inside of the tent. The vertical walls of these structures make them less effective at withstanding extremely strong winds.

6. Weight

Various tents come in different weights, depending on your needs. You might be going hiking or car camping. If you hike, you must purchase an ultralight tent because you must go from one campsite to another while carrying the tent on your back. When you are car camping and are not physically required to carry your tent, you can select a larger tent.

7. Ventilation

Your tent must be breathable. The moisture in the air and the moisture from your exhalations must leave the tent. Otherwise, the tent will condense, get humid from the inside, and feel like it is pouring inside.

To avoid such situations, you need to look for tents with lots of mesh panels. The panels increase the airflow and also keep the bugs out. For air to freely flow through the panels, make sure the rainfly is correctly positioned above the tent roof.

Some rainfly also come with vents that increase the airflow and keep the tent dry. But the rain must not enter through them, so take care.

8. Floor Type

If your tent floor is terrible, camping can be pretty unpleasant, and you can have trouble sleeping. Try to find tents with bathtub floors. They add an additional layer of water resistance.

9. Footprint

A tent mat is available if your tent doesn’t have a floor or if the floor is bad. Given that you’ll be using it outdoors, above rough ground and rocks, the mat needs to be UV-treated and durable. Choose perforated mats as they are the best option for slip resistance since water on the surface creates an unsafe area.

10. Seasonality

A 2-season tent will be appropriate if you only camp in the summer. 3 season tents are sturdy and can withstand heavy rain and thunderstorms. The 4 season or all-season tent is the one for you if you intend to camp in harsh winter weather.

Best Waterproof Tents FAQs

1. Are tents 100% waterproof?

Ans: The waterproofing ability of a tent depends on its hydrostatic head of HH rating. A tent with an HH rating of 1000mm is considered waterproof. Below this is considered as water-resistance and not waterproof. However, a high-quality waterproof fabric with a higher HH rating can still leak water over time, depending on the water pressure.

2. Is a 3000mm waterproof rating enough to keep me dry?

Ans: The hydrostatic rating starts from 800mm. So a 300mm hydrostatic HH rating is considered good enough for a tent. A 3000 mm waterproof rating or HH rating means your tent can withstand a 3000mm or 3 meter long column of water. After that, it will leak. A 3000mm waterproof tent should keep you perfectly dry if it’s not raining heavily for hours.

3. How much rain can a tent withstand?

Ans: Waterproof ratings typically range from 800 to 10,000 mm. These numbers represent the water pressure that a cloth can tolerate. Accordingly, a tent with a 2,000mm rating can withstand a two-meter (2,000mm) column of water pressing down on it before it leaks.


Even if you don’t intend to camp in a rainy environment, having a waterproof tent is always a wise precaution so you’ll be prepared for anything. Because weather changes are unpredictable, a great waterproof tent can mean the difference between a rainy, soggy day and one that is comfortable.

Whether you’re a first-time camper or a seasoned hiker, maybe you’ve selected a tent that appears to be a good fit for you. If you are still confused, here’s what we recommend for you.

  • If you go camping once in a while and not necessarily in the rainy season, then we recommend the CAMPROS CP Waterproof Tent. It’s incredibly spacious and can accommodate 6 people. It’s well-ventilated, easy to set up, and has a waterproof rating of 1000mm.

  • If you are a beginner camper or want to avoid the hassle of setting up a tent, then it’s the best option for you. The Londtren Waterproof Tent can accommodate 3 to 4 people. It has a waterproof rating of 3000-4000 mm. It comes with two windows and is very well-ventilated. It sets up in seconds and is lightweight enough. A family-size tent is an excellent option for a family with 3 to 4 members.

  • If you travel in large groups and want something big, we suggest you go with the Moon Lence Waterproof Tent. It can accommodate 8 people on a max and has a waterproof rating of 2000mm. The best part of this tent is that it has two separate tents inside it with a large vestibule in between where you can keep all your camping gear.

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