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Top 5 Best 11×17 Printer

Printers are a lifesaver when it comes to the reproduction of various documents, blueprints, or even designs. The page size changes depending on what you are printing, and so does the printer’s capacity. The A3 tabloid size papers are popular choices for printing since their larger size offers more area for details. To properly print these papers, an 11×17 printer is what you might need.

The 11×17 printers are upgraded versions of the regular printers, especially for the wider format pages. As the name suggests, these printers can accommodate A3-size papers for printing. Printing this size of paper involves various factors which affect the overall working of the 11×17 printer. By learning about these factors, the overall quality of printing can be enhanced.

  • Printing technology: There are different types of printing technologies used by printers. These technologies are differentiated on the basis of their working principle. Every type of printing technology has certain advantages over the other types. The printers popularly use inkjet, toner-based, etc. type of technologies.
  • Connectivity technology: To print the required matter on the page, the printer must be fed with all the necessary data. To allow data transfer between the printer and data-storage devices, various connectivity options are available. These connectivity options allow data transmission in a wired or wireless process.
  • Compatible paper size: A printer can only print certain sizes of paper to keep the data away from uneven printing. The paper sizes vary along with their orientations. An 11×17 printer can normally print on 11×17 paper but also supports other paper formats too. These printers can print on pages of sizes ranging from 4 inches to 19 inches.

With the help of these factors, you can narrow down the right printer for your office, studio, or other applications. There are various brands with their own versions of 11×17 printers which might confuse you. To ease up your selection process, we have compiled a list of the best 11×17 printers available. A “Buying Guide” is also discussed to learn the importance of the governing factors related to these printers.

Best 11×17 Printer Table

Best 11×17 Printer Connectivity Technology Paper Printing Speed Compatible Paper Size Buy Now
Canon 11×17 Printer Wireless, Ethernet, USB, cloud printing 15 ppm (monochrome) and 14.5 ppm (color) 4×6 inches to 11×17 inches  Check On Amazon
HP 11×17 Printer Ethernet, cloud printing, app 22 ppm (monochrome) and 18 ppm (color) 3×5 inches to 11.7x 17 inches Check On Amazon
Canon PIXMA TS9520 11×17 Printer WiFi, App, Bluetooth, USB, and Ethernet 15 ppm (monochrome) and 10 (ppm color) 3.5×3.5 inches to 11×17 inches Check On Amazon
Brother 11×17 Printer WiFi, Ethernet, and USB cable 22 ppm (monochrome) and 20 ppm (color) up to 11×17 inches Check On Amazon
Epson 11×17 Printer App, Bluetooth, WiFi, and Ethernet cables 25 ppm (black) and 12 ppm (color) up to 13×19 inches Check On Amazon

Best 11×17 Printer Reviews

1. Canon 11×17 Printer

Canon 11x17 Printer

 Canon is a well-established brand in the market for various electronic devices. It has a wider range of printers that are built with quality and innovative designs. The overall performance of all Canon printers exceeds the expectations of its consumers.

The Canon Pixma iX6820 11×17 Printer is an ideal choice for home or official use. This wireless printer uses inkjet technology to print a maximum resolution of 9600×2400 DPI. This results in a detailed print along with all the vibrant colors. With 5120 color nozzles and 5 different ink tanks, you can choose between a monochrome or a colorful print scheme. It can color print over 15 pages per minute while monochrome printing can deliver 14.5 pages per minute.

The printer can accommodate 4×6 inches to over 13×19 inches size papers. The built-in auto feeder handles over 150 sheets easily. It is compatible with the older Windows XP to the newer Windows 10.9 and MAC OS systems. The printer supports wireless data transmission via Bluetooth, Ethernet, App, Cloud Printing, and AirPrint connectivity. With the help of USB connectivity, wired data transmission can be done.

 Best features:

  • 11×17 printer with inkjet technology
  • Supports Bluetooth, Ethernet, cloud printing, etc connectivity
  • Supports page size from 4×6 inches to 13×19 inches
  • A paper printing speed of 15 ppm (monochrome) and 14.5 ppm (color)
  • Maximum resolution of 9600×2400 DPI
  • 5120 color nozzles with 5 individual ink tanks
  • Paper storage capacity of 150 sheets with auto sheet feeder
  • Compatibility with Windows and MAC OS


  • The overall printing quality is good and accurate
  • It is compatible with a wider range of page size
  • Accurate color reproduction of this printer results in a vibrant color print


  • It does not have a built-in scanner

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2. HP 11×17 Printer

HP 11x17 Printer

 Being a technology-driven company, HP has developed various systems by adopting innovation. These products have been garnering the attention of consumers due to their consistent performance and quality.

The HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 11×17 printer is a wide-format printer. It has multiple features that help in the printing process. Being an inkjet printer, it can easily print colorful yet detailed pages. Being a wide-format painter, it supports paper sizes from 3×5 to 11.7x 17 inches. For a faster printing speed of 22 pages per minute, this printer uses duplex printing technology. The printer prints on both pages at the same time with all the necessary accuracy in the colors.

The paper handling system can store over 500 pages at the same time in two different storages. To send your printing material to the printer, you can use wireless connectivity options like HP smart app, iCloud printing, and Ethernet. It has a built-in touchscreen display that controls various functions. The printer uses special ink cartridges that offer 2x prints per refill.

 Best features:

  • Wide-format inkjet 11×17 printer with a built-in scanner
  • Compatible with page sizes ranging from 3×5 inches to 11.7x 17 inches
  • A maximum paper printing speed of 22 ppm (monochrome) and 18 ppm (color)
  • Connectivity options like HP smart app, iCloud, and Ethernet cable
  • Paper storage capacity of 500 pages
  • Built-in 2.65-inch touchscreen


  • Due to the dual-sided printing method, faster printing is achieved
  • The special ink cartridges offer more ink for printing before refilling
  • It supports wireless as well as wired connectivity


  • The size of the touchscreen display is small

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3. Canon PIXMA TS9520 11×17 Printer

Canon PIXMA TS9520 11x17 Printer

Our next product comes from Canon’s huge arsenal of printers. This printer model might be different from its before-mentioned sibling but it has incorporated the brand’s values. Loaded with various features, this printer guarantees good performance.

The Canon Canon PIXMA TS9520 comes with five individual color ink systems. This inkjet printer can print from simple texts to complex designs with excellent accuracy. The page handling system can easily fit the smaller 3.5×3.5 inches pages to the larger 11×17 inches page. With the help of WiFi, App, and Bluetooth technology, the printer wirelessly receives all the printable data. The Ethernet support allows the connection of multiple devices at the same time.

It also supports wired data transmission with the help of USB cables. The printing process can go from 10 colored papers per minute to over 15 monochrome pages per minute. Various features like oversize scanning and automatic document feeder enhance the printing process when the load is more. Various functions of the printer can be accessed via a 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen.

 Best features:

  • Inkjet 11×17 printer with scanner
  • Five individual color inks
  • Accommodates paper size from 3.5×3.5 inches to 11×17 inches
  • Data transmission via Bluetooth, WiFi, App, and USB cables
  • A maximum printing speed of 15 ppm (monochrome) and 10 (ppm color)
  • 3-inch LCD touchscreen


  • The overall quality of the print is good
  • With an upgrade, it can be used with voice command technologies like Google Assistant and Siri
  • This printer is priced lower than the other options


  • It does not support the dual-side scanning feature

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4. Brother 11×17 Printer

Brother 11x17 Printer

 Brother Group is also one of the older brands that revolutionized the printer market. With the help of technology and a global service network, it has a strange global presence. The products are developed by keeping creativity at the topmost priority to manufacture productive solutions.

The Brother MFC-J6545DW 11×17 Printer is also a multifunctional unit. It not only prints the paper but also scans the documents for offline sharing. This inkjet printer includes BK/C/Y/M ink cartridges that allow accurate reproduction of the colors in printing. It includes a patented ink tank that stores more ink than the default capacity, to last for 1 year of use. The paper handling system can store over 250 papers in storage and 100 sheets in the multipurpose tray.

The automatic feeder further stores 50 pages to continuously supply the printer. Even with the large size pages, this printer can print over 20 color papers per minute. For the regular monochrome prints, the printer further increases this speed to 22 pages per minute. To transfer the printing data, you can use wireless WiFi connectivity and wired Ethernet or USB cable connectivity. You can easily control the printer via a 3.7-inch touchscreen display.

 Best features:

  • 11×17 inkjet printer with a built-in scanner
  • BK/C/Y/M ink cartridge
  • Paper handling system with a capacity of 250 pages and 100 pages capacity for the multipurpose tray
  • Auto page feeding system with 50 pages capacity
  • Maximum printing time of 22 ppm(monochrome) and 20 ppm (color)
  • Supports connectivity technologies like WiFi, Ethernet, and USB cable
  • Features built-in 3.7-inch touchscreen


  • It has multiple paper storing sections
  • With the duplex printing feature, a sheet gets printed on both sides in less time
  • The ink cartridge capacity is enough to last for 1 year


  • The printer is priced higher than its competitors

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5. Epson 11×17 Printer

Epson 11x17 Printer

 Epson is a synonymous name in the office or domestic environment due to its range of innovative products. Developed with precise engineering, its products deliver good performance and durability. The products also promote environmental protection by reducing waste.

The Epson Workforce Pro WF-7840 supports wide-format pages. It can easily print pages up to 13×19 inches in size. With the help of “precision core heat-free technology”, a maximum printing speed of over 25 ppm is achieved. With the help of accurate dot placement of ink, accurate prints are believed. To adjust to a higher load, it features dual-sided printing which reduces the printing time. The automatic feeder stores over 50 pages at a time.

The page handling system features two storage trays. Each tray stores over 250 pages leading to storage for 500 pages in total. A 50-page tray is also kept in the rear as a backup. To access the function of the printer, a 4.3-inch color touchscreen is provided. Various devices can connect with printers with the help of a dedicated app from Epson. Other network connectivity options like Bluetooth, WiFi, and Ethernet cables also allow uninterrupted data transfer.

 Best features:

  • 11×17 inkjet printer with a built-in scanner
  • Suitable for pages up to 13×19 inches in size
  • A printing speed of 25 ppm (black) and 12 ppm (color)
  • Dual sheet storage with a combined capacity of 500 pages
  • Automatic sheet feeder with 50 pages capacity
  • Network connectivity support for App, Bluetooth, WiFi, and Ethernet cables
  • A larger 4.3 inches colorful touchscreen


  • It can perform dual-sized printing, scanning, copying, and faxing
  • It has the largest storage capacity for the papers
  • It is suitable for wide-format printing


  • The overall size of this printer is huge, compared to the other options

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Buying Guide For The Best 11×17 Printer

Considering the larger size of the A3 pages, a lot of details need to be printed in an accurate way. The 11×17 printers are an ideal choice for this format of pages since they accurately reproduce all the matter on paper. We have already gone through the detailed list of the best printers available in the market. To choose a good printer, you must have ample knowledge about a few governing factors. This buying guide will help you understand their impact on the printer’s selection process.

The printing process may involve color ink but there are various technologies that control the application of ink over the paper. These printing technologies have a different way of activating the color to spread it over the paper. Other technologies like laser-beam, toner-based, solid ink, thermal ink, or dye-sublimation ink are used according to the type of surface to be printed.

For pages, inkjet printers are the most popular choice. It involves dropping or sprinkling a set amount of ink over the paper. The spraying process is done via a nozzle that allows an accurate position of the ink. This technology is known for its higher resolution and better detailing. Inkjet printers are also known for their cheaper price tags, making them available to the masses.

Connectivity plays an important role in accessing data for the 11×17 printer. The connection quality affects the data transmission process which ultimately affects what will be printed. It also assists in accessing various features of the printer, either in a wired or wireless way.

One of the most popular connectivity options for 11×17 printers is WiFi technology. It allows printing wirelessly from other WiFi-enabled devices. Another popular option is Bluetooth technology. Just like WiFi, it allows the printer to connect to multiple devices. The main advantage of this technology is that it doesn’t need internet connectivity. For wired connections, USB technology has been the most reliable option. The current generation of printers is enabled with ethernet connectivity which allows connection with a shared network.

The 11×17 printers are designed to accommodate larger sizes of paper, mostly up to 11×17 inches. Most of these sizes are widely used for documentation, engineering designs, presentation, etc. With the regular A3 size, this printer also handles the letter size and legal size papers (8.5×11 inches and 8.5×14 inches).

Other applications might need a larger format and hence a larger paper size. Few printers can even print on a paper size of 13×19 inches. It is always suggested to check the compatible paper sizes for the printer before buying it. A paper handling tray further helps in storing all the papers, making them available whenever the need arises.

Print quality is one of the important factors which assists in selecting an 11×17 printer. The overall print quality affects the overall appearance of the printed data. It may be complex drawings, letters, or even figures. Everything must be readable enough for the viewer. A higher resolution printer allows maximum dots per inch (DPI) of the paper, coloring every minute change. This results in a detailed print that is crisp and clear.

For good color accuracy, the printer must have a cartridge of certain colors. It helps in producing the correct shade of color making it more vibrant. Along with this, printing speed also affects print quality. The 11×17 printers print faster to save time on larger projects. A fast speed does not have to compromise the quality of the print. The colors must remain fresh or unfaded, even after a long time.

Some additional features are important to ease down the printing process. These factors contribute to the convenience of the user and also contribute to the efficiency of the printer. The automatic document feeder(ADF) helps in loading multiple pages to the printer with zero human interference. This helps in printing a bulk quantity of pages, documents, etc. Another feature is the built-in scanner that scans the documents and makes their electronic copy available for future use. The current generation of printers also features a larger display where all necessary information about the printer is visible. This display panel is touch-enabled to access the features of the printer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What advantages does an inkjet printer have over other printers?

Ans: An inkjet printer offers more efficiency in the printing process than other printers. Due to its working principle of spaying tiny droplets, it creates a better blend of colors. You get excellent print quality with very accurate detailing. Another advantage these printers have is the overall pricing. Not only are they cheap but their running cost is also lower than other printers.

2. Apart from the A3 pages, can you print other page sizes in an 11×17 printer?

Ans: Most of these 11×17 printers are designed to accommodate lower page sizes. With proper settings (via the control panel), the printer is given instructions regarding the page size. It can adjust itself according to the page size to start the printing. 11×17 printers are known for easy printing from 4 inches to 19 inches of the page size.

3. What things are involved in the maintenance of an 11×17 printer?

Ans: Changing the ink cartridge of an 11×17 printer is one of the major parts of the maintenance process. Dusting-off dirt from the printer keeps it clean and avoids the accumulation of dirt over the printing surface. The user must check for irregular printing patterns as it might be early signs of changing ink cartridge or a damaged part. The maintenance process also involves updating the printer drivers.

4. How to choose the right 11×17 printer?

Ans: Various factors matter when selecting a good 11×17 printer. You must check for the overall page size you need to print. By understanding the need, you can then narrow down 11×17 printers. Further filtering is done by checking for certain features like DPI resolution, page handling capacity, connectivity, and additional features. The last but most important part is the budget. If you tick all the boxes, it is the right option for you.


With the help of the 11×17 printers, the printing process for larger A3-size papers becomes simplified. These printers reproduce every detail on the paper without having to worry about placement and measurements. By choosing the right printer, the overall efficiency of your work increases with a decline in the printing time. This article includes a list of such printers along with their technical specifications. The buying guide section helps in understanding the relevance of governing factors and a printer’s performance. The FAQ section further deals with your confusion related to these special machines. Having said that, we have chosen our favorite printers from the list for their unique characteristics.

  • If your priority is a faster printing process, the Brother 11×17 Printer is the right choice. It is a multifunctional printer that runs on inkjet technology. With a wider range of color inks, this printer delivers accurate and vibrant colors on paper. With the help of the duplex printing process, both sides of a page are printed at the time. As a result, a faster printing speed of 22 ppm (monochrome) and 20 ppm (color) is achieved. You don’t have to worry about refilling the papers to match this faster printing speed. The printer comes with multiple storages with 250 and 100 sheets capacity. The auto feeder keeps the printing process running with 50 sheets in the reserve tray. For data transmission, this printer supports network connectivity via WiFi and wired Ethernet or USB cables. It also features a 3.7-inch touchscreen to control various functions of the printer.

  • Our next option helps in experiencing a good printing process, even on a limited budget. The Canon PIXMA TS9520 11×17 Printer is equipped with different ink cartridges. Being an inkjet unit, it offers better accuracy and detailed reproduction of the input data. It supports page sizes from 3.5×3.5 inches to 11×17 inches, making it suitable for wide-format printing. This unit is connected to various devices at the same time thanks to the connectivity technologies like WiFi, Ethernet, USB cables, and Bluetooth. It allows full control via a dedicated app which adds convenience to the user. The printer has a good printing speed of 15 ppm and 10 ppm for monochrome and color respectively. With features like automatic scanning and document feeding, the printer eliminates the need for a human interface. It also has a built-in 4.3 LCD touchscreen which helps in accessing various features of the printer. Since these features are available at a very low price, this option becomes a budget-friendly unit.

  • If you want to deal with a lot of printing load, the Epson 11×17 Printer makes sure to do it with minimum human interference. It features very big storage for sheets, doting over 500 pages at a time. Another rear tray has a capacity of 50 pages while the automated feeder can hold 50 pages. With this much storage, you can do a longer batch printing session without having to refill sheets. This printer also has a faster printing time of 25 ppm (black) and 12 ppm (color), to help you deal with tight schedules. With this speed, this inkjet printer successfully maintains the output quality of print. The dual-sided printing helps in the proper distribution of ink over the sheet and automatically turns the page. For better connectivity, the printer supports App, Bluetooth, WiFi, and Ethernet technologies. A 4.3-inch screen takes care of displaying all the necessary details regarding the printer and rating process.

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