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Top 7 Best RV Antifreeze Reviews 2023

Cold season is usually very harsh on vehicles as the residue fluid in the vehicle’s plumbing and exhaust system starts to freeze up, restricting the passageways. The problem is even more severe in the case of an RV, where there is an even more complicated plumbing system put in place that needs to be in ideal condition if you are looking forward to taking it out on a rather cold camping night.To avoid such problems in an RV, there are special compounds available on the market called RV antifreeze. Here’s what you need to know about an RV antifreeze before you can get one for your RV.

  • Type of RV Antifreeze: Before you can start looking at available options for an RV antifreeze solution, you should first understand the different types of options available on the market and decide which one is the right one for you. Right now, you can go with Ethanol-based, Propylene Glycol-based, or Propylene-Ethanol mix RV antifreeze for your RV. We will discuss these options in detail in our buying guide to give you a better idea.
  • Temperature Rating: Almost all antifreeze solutions designed for an RV have a temperature rating. Based on its application, the temperature rating is a very crucial factor and has a large impact on its application. You need to pick up an RV antifreeze solution based on the surrounding temperature. Generally, an RV antifreeze solution with -50 degrees Fahrenheit rating is good enough for most applications.
  • Fluid Concentration: Another factor that affects the application of the RV antifreeze solution is its fluid concentration. While some options are pre-diluted, you will have to dilute yourself before application. As you can imagine, pre-diluted options are generally a better choice since you don’t have to do much with these solutions except pour them into the system. However, concentrated options give you better control over the performance and allow you to modulate the solution based on the surrounding environment.

Today, we are going to talk about the best options available out there for an RV antifreeze. These options are carefully handpicked based on the features they offer as well as their performance, making them suitable for a vast majority of RV plumbing and exhaust systems. So, you should take a look at all of our choices before you decide which of these option is right for you.You can also refer to our “Buying Guide” for the best RV antifreeze to check some crucial factors of an RV antifreeze that will help you with your decision.

Best RV Antifreeze Table

Best RV Antifreeze Review

1. PEAK OET RV Antifreeze

PEAK OET RV AntifreezeThere are a lot of options available out there for an antifreeze solution. But not all of these are as versatile and popular as the ones made by PEAK. So, we will start off our list with the best option for an RV antifreeze solution.

The PEAK OET Extended Life Blue is our first choice for the best RV antifreeze solution that you can get right now. This is a 50/50 pre-diluted antifreeze solution, meaning that you can use the solution as it is without having to dilute it any further. The PEAK OET Extended Life Blue is specifically designed for European vehicles, offering compatibility with standard RVs on the market along with premium vehicle choices such as Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Dodge, Jaguar, and many others.

The PEAK OET Extended Life Blue is also compatible with other antifreeze or coolant solutions thanks to the Denatonium Benzoate chemical components available in this solution. These components also enable rust and corrosion protection for your piping system, ensuring a longer lifespan along with antifreeze properties. PEAK OET Extended Life Blue is ensuring nearly 5 years of performance, or up to 150000 miles of coverage.

Best Features

  • Available in a signal package
  • 1-gallon total quantity available
  • Fully compatible with other coolants
  • Includes Denatonium Benzoate component


  • Most popular choice on the market right now for an RV antifreeze solution
  • Ensuring performance for up to 5 years
  • Compatible with European vehicles


  • Temperature rating could have been better

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2. RecPro RV Antifreeze

RecPro RV AntifreezeRecPro is one brand on our picks that specifically deals with RV-based products and accessories. Apart from physical accessories, RecPro also provides plumbing accessories and cleaning solutions.

In the 2nd place, we are putting the RecPro RV Antifreeze solution. This is also one of the famous choices on our market as it offers great performance along with a powerful compound solution. This solution is available in a pack of 2 bottles, offering a total quantity of 2 gallons. It also has a -50°F temperature rating with burst protection, ensuring that your plumbing system will not fail even in harsh winters. On top of that, it also works as a lubricant for the seal and gaskets.

The RecPro RV Antifreeze is also rated safe from FDA, making it a comparatively safer option from these picks. With that, the RecPro RV Antifreeze also offers compatibility with marine engine blocks. Also, the solution will not cause any trouble with multiple types of materials such as steel, copper, brass, or even plastic pipes. As this solution is available in 2 separate packages, you can either keep the secondary option as a backup, or use it for another vehicle or even the swimming pool water system at your home. 

Best Features

  • Available in 2 bottles
  • 2 gallons total quantity available
  • Works as a lubricant for seals and gaskets
  • Works well with steel, copper, brass, and other materials


  • 2 packs are available for extended shelf life
  • Non-toxic solution for an RV antifreeze compound
  • Temperature rating is pretty good


  • Additional solution may not be required

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3. STAR BRITE RV Antifreeze

STAR BRITE RV AntifreezeThere are a lot of buyers that might be looking for a large set of RV antifreeze solutions for personal or professional applications. If you also need an RV antifreeze solution for multiple applications, you will need this solution from STAR BRITE.

The STAR BRITE is our 3rd choice on this list of the best RV antifreeze solution and the best option for professional applications. In the winter season, you might need a lot of RV antifreeze solutions so that you can use it for domestic applications apart from your RVs and other vehicles. This is a set of 6 antifreeze solutions offering a total quantity of up to 6 gallons. With that, you also get compatibility for other applications such as pool systems, boats, house applications, etc.

The STAR BRITE RV antifreeze solution is also perfectly compatible with materials like copper, brass, and multiple types of plastic, further increasing its compatibility. And since this is a completely non-toxic formula based on virgin propylene glycol chemical compound, it is a much safer choice for most applications. The STAR BRITE RV antifreeze solution also introduces corrosion protection which is equally important for engine parts.

Best Features

  • Available in 6 bottles
  • 6 gallons total quantity available
  • Suitable for copper, brass, and plastic pipes
  • Completely non-toxic compound based on virgin propylene glycol


  • Temperature range is pretty good
  • Multiple types of materials are supported
  • Introduces corrosion protection


  • Quantity may be too much for a single application

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4. Century Chemical RV Antifreeze

Century Chemical RV AntifreezeCentury Chemical is also bringing a great option on this list of the best RV antifreeze solutions that is perfect for multiple applications. You will get the standard volume with this option so that you can easily cover your entire system at once.

If you are not willing to invest in a low-quality antifreeze solution, you should consider going with the Century Chemical TF1 Transfer Fluid. While essentially a transfer fluid, the Century Chemical TF1 Transfer Fluid also works as an antifreeze solution to offer great freezing protection during winters. It also has a high boiling point so that it is not affected by high temperatures.

The Century Chemical TF1 Transfer Fluid also has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion that further ensures its reliability after coming in contact with a hot surface. Plus, this solution ensures little to no fire damage. Once applied, you only need to check the pH value of the Century Chemical TF1 Transfer Fluid to check its effectiveness. This is also a pre-diluted solution that ensures ready-to-use preparation of the unit.

Best Features

  • Available in a signal package
  • 1 gallon total quantity available
  • Pre-diluted RV antifreeze solution
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion


  • It has a very high boiling point
  • Highly stable option that is unaffected by temperature change
  • Little to no fire hazard with this option


  • Very expensive choice for a 1 gallon RV antifreeze solution

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5. P-restone RV Antifreeze

P-restone RV AntifreezeIf you are using your RV in a rather colder region where there are chances of snowing, you need to pay attention to its temperature rating, and it has to be compatible with your application. To be on the safe side, you should go with this option from Prestone.

The P-restone Original AF225 is one of the most effective options that we have picked up for this list of the best RV antifreeze solutions. This antifreeze is offering a temperature rating of -100°F which is quite good and better than even some of the premium choices. Plus, P-restone Original AF225 is also guaranteeing no burst performance which is what you would want when dealing with excessively low temperatures.

The P-restone Original AF225 is a safe and compatible choice for various types of vehicles, such as trailers and RVs as well as other types of applications, such as boats, house applications, swimming pools, and much more. You can also use the P-restone Original AF225 with almost any portable water system without any problem. However, make sure that you don’t use this solution with gas or diesel engines.

Best Features

  • Available in a signal package
  • 1-gallon total quantity available
  • -100°F temperature rating
  • Offers great protection from damage and corrosion


  • It offers no-burst guarantee
  • Safe option for RVs, trailers, house applications, and even swimming pools
  • Most affordable choice for an RV antifreeze solution


  • Not compatible with gas or diesel engines

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6. Home Garden RV Antifreeze

Home Garden RV AntifreezeHome Garden is a rather versatile brand on our list today that deals with a wide range of products. You will also find an RV antifreeze solution from the brand that offers pretty good specifications.

The Home Garden AutoZone Original AZ220632 is yet another safe and secure option for a lot of RV owners looking for an RV antifreeze solution under an affordable budget. This is also a compatible choice that supports application with materials like brass, copper, various other types of metals, and even plastic. Thus, the compatibility of the solution with your RV should not be a problem. However, the Home Garden AutoZone Original AZ220632 is not a safe choice for acetate pipes, so keep that in mind before you apply the solution.

You can use the Home Garden AutoZone Original AZ220632 right after unboxing as there is no preparation or dilution required for this option. This is a non-staining and odorless RV antifreeze solution so you won’t have to worry about residue smell or marks of the fluid. The Home Garden AutoZone Original AZ220632 is available in 1-gallon quantity which is sufficient for almost all RV plumbing systems.

Best Features

  • Available in a signal package
  • 1-gallon total quantity available
  • Suitable for brass, copper, and plastic
  • Pre-diluted RV antifreeze solution


  • Available in standard quantity
  • Odorless and non-stain compound
  • Ready-to-use right out of the bottle


  • Compound is not as effective as other choices

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7. Garden at Home RV Antifreeze

Garden at Home RV AntifreezeGarden at Home is offering the last choice on our list of the best RV antifreeze solutions which you should definitely consider if you want resistance to extremely low temperatures.

The Garden at Home RV/Waterline Antifreeze solution is our final pick for the best RV antifreeze solution, which is also a great choice for harsh weather. This is a bottle of 1-gallon RV antifreeze solution offering -100 degree Fahrenheit temperature rating. Just like a lot of other options that we checked out today, this is also offering a complete no-burst guarantee, ensuring the safety of your RV’s plumbing system.

The Garden at Home RV/Waterline Antifreeze is also rated for superior protection from all types of environmental damage, such as corrosion or rust, making it an all-in-one solution for metallic piping systems. It is also compatible with plastic, rubber, or elastomer components that are included in the system and will not damage them in the process. However, make sure that you are not using the Garden at Home RV/Waterline Antifreeze with a diesel engine or a gas engine. It is also not a good choice to mix with a coolant solution.

Best Features

  • Available in a signal package
  • 1-gallon total quantity available
  • Offers complete no-burst guarantee
  • Suitable for pools, boats, and home applications


  • One of the cheaper alternatives for an RV antifreeze solution
  • Offers prevention against rust and corrosion
  • Does not damage plastic, rubber, or elastomer components


  • Not to be used with gas or diesel engines

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Buying Guide For The Best RV Antifreeze

If you love to go out on a camping trip, the best idea would be to take out your RV so that you can save a lot on the trip. And unlike a tent, you will get a lot more comfort and warmth inside your RV, which is quite scarce during the winter season. But, you will also face some problems during winter seasons inside your RV, especially if you live in a relatively colder region. A lot of RV plumbing systems and exhausts are frozen during winter, and it is quite difficult to get these systems cleaned up.

However, we have a great solution for that called the RV antifreeze solution. These are chemical compounds designed to keep the plumbing system of an RV in ideal condition. There are many different types of RV antifreeze solutions available on the market right now that you will find compatible with your RV. To avoid any sort of confusion, we have picked up the best options for you on this list. You can also check out our buying guide, which is specifically designed to provide important information about the specifications of these solutions to help you pick up the best option.

1. Type of RV Antifreeze Solution

Before you dive into the available options for an RV antifreeze, take a step back and first check out what type of options you can get and which of these options are compatible with your RV. There are mainly 3 types of RV antifreeze solutions available on the market, each offering its own advantages and limitations. So, you should first take a look at these types and then decide which options seem to be the best for you.

  • Ethanol-based RV Antifreeze

The most common type of RV antifreeze solution available on the market right now is Ethanol-based RV antifreeze. This solution is easily available on the market and used for a wide range of applications. This compound is also comparatively cheaper, so a lot of buyers prefer to get an Ethanol-based RV antifreeze. However, Ethanol-based RV antifreeze is also infamous for causing troubles with your RVs plumbing system in the long run. And because of alcohol content, these solutions are highly flammable.

  • Ethanol-Propylene Mixture RV Antifreeze

This is a slightly pricier option for an RV antifreeze solution compared to Ethanol-based RV antifreeze. However, this is a much safer choice for all types of RV plumbing systems, and it is also created with a completely non-toxic solution. An Ethanol-Propylene mixture also avoids some common problems that you would observe with an Ethanol-based RV antifreeze, such as dried out rubber gaskets. But since there is still alcohol content in this solution, you will notice a rather strong smell even after flushing out the solution.

  • Propylene Glycol-based RV Antifreeze

This is the most premium option that you can find for an RV antifreeze solution right now. But, it is also the safest option compared to other choices as it is completely non-toxic and does not contain any alcohol content at all. So, it is not flammable, and it also does not have a strong smell like other alternatives. Another strong suit of the Propylene Glycol-based solution is that it also works as a lubricant for your system, making your plumbing system even more efficient. But, it is quite hard to find this option in a standard hardware store. 

2. Temperature Rating

Whichever type of RV antifreeze you are choosing, you need to carefully understand its parameters so that you can get an idea about its performance and reliability. For that, you need to know about the temperature rating provided for the solution. Any standard RV antifreeze solution will come with burst protection with a temperature rating dropping as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit. So, such solutions are ideal for a lot of colder regions. But if you are talking about a place where you are likely to face snowfall, it would be better to go with a solution with a temperature rating going as low as -100 degrees Fahrenheit, just to be on the safe side.

3. The versatility of Application

Another factor to think about before you buy an RV antifreeze solution is its versatility of application. While almost all of these options are designed to be used with the plumbing or flooring system of an RV, you can also use most of these options for other applications such as home applications, ATVs, snowmobiles, and much more. For that, the solution should be compatible with a variety of commonly used metals in the plumbing system such as brass, copper, and even PVC and plastic pipelines. A lot of premium options for an RV antifreeze solution can be used as an all-in-one winterizing kit that can prepare your system for the upcoming winter as well as dehumidify it to prevent freezing altogether. And for multiple applications, you will also need a sufficient quantity of the solution or multiple bottles for longer shelf life.

4. Safety Considerations

Apart from the performance, one more factor that can affect your choice of the best RV antifreeze solution is its safety rating. You shall always go with a safe option that has a non-toxic rating, ensuring that the solution is safe for domestic as well as RV applications. A lot of RV antifreeze solutions are also used in an RVs drinking water supply system, making the safety rating even more important. For that reason, we will recommend going with a Propylene Glycol-based antifreeze solution that has an FDA-approval along with an eco-friendly compound. Other types of RV antifreeze solutions usually contain alcohol which makes the solution highly flammable and toxic, not to mention hazardous around children and pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are RV antifreeze solutions different from standard antifreeze options?

Ans: Standard antifreeze solutions designed for domestic applications are not that different from RV antifreeze. In fact, there are a lot of options on the market that are suitable for both types of applications. Right now, you will find a lot of non-toxic and eco-friendly alternatives for an RV antifreeze solution which are perfect for all types of applications. But, if you are picking up an RV automotive solution, it should only be used with an engine to avoid further problems.

2. Are RV antifreeze solutions suitable for a car?

Ans: There are different types of solutions available for different types of vehicles. So, it would ot be a good idea to use an RV antifreeze solution with a commercial vehicle due to temperature variations, unless the product specifically mentions the compatibility. Also, make sure that you do not mix 2 ir or more different types of solutions together as the mixture can render ineffective for your application. Such compounds can also introduce clogging of the system rather than winterizing it, creating more problems that it can resolve.

3. How to use an RV antifreeze solution?

Ans: Even after introducing a dedicated heating system for your RV’s water supply, you will still need to use an antifreeze solution to avoid freezing of residue water molecules inside the pipelines. To use the solution, you should first drain the system completely by disconnecting the water source. Once you are sure that there is little to no residual water left in the system, you can pour the antifreeze solution and circulate it throughout the system. Usually, 2 to 3 gallons of solution should be enough for an RVs plumbing system. The best method for that is to pour the liquid into the main water tank and then drain it through the taps of shower heads. After that, you can resupply the water and start using your system again.


If you are searching for the best RV antifreeze solution for your camper, you have come to the right place. On this list, we have gathered some of the best RV antifreeze solutions available out there that can be perfect for your RV during the winter seasons. With such a solution, you can take out your RV for a distant camping trip without worrying about the freezing of your RVs plumbing system that can interrupt the water supply. Along with our top solutions, you can also find a handy buying guide that you can refer to before you make a choice. In the buying guide, you will find a lot of useful information about RV antifreeze solutions such as type of compound, application compatibility, temperature rating, and much more. If you are still not sure which of these options is perfect for your RV, take a look at our top options provided here.

  • If you are looking for a basic and affordable RV antifreeze solution that is compatible with general-purpose applications, then we will suggest going with the P-restone RV Antifreeze. This compound offers a temperature rating of -100°F despite being the most affordable choice right now. And, you will also receive a gallon of this compound which makes it suitable for one-time application. P-restone Original AF225 RV Antifreeze compound is a suitable choice for RVs, pools, boats, and even domestic applications.
  • On the other hand, there might be a lot of buyers reading this guide right now that are looking for a set of RV antifreeze for multiple applications. For those buyers, we will recommend the STAR BRITE RV Antifreeze. This is a standard RV antifreeze solution offering a -50 degree Fahrenheit temperature rating and a non-toxic compound for safety. And, you will receive 6 units of 1 gallon each in the set, making it effectively the cheaper alternative for multiple applications. It is also rated compatible with copper, brass, and plastic-based piping systems.
  • Lastly, we will suggest the PEAK OET RV Antifreeze as it is a trusted option for thousands of RV owners. This is also a 1-gallon RV antifreeze solution offering performance for nearly 5 years after its application, or up to 150000 miles of coverage. The PEAK OET Extended Life Blue features a bittering agent known as Denatonium Benzoate, a chemical compound having a bitterness threshold of 0.05 ppm that offers great performance during harsh winters. It also prevents rusting of the interior section of the piping, increasing the overall lifespan of the plumbing system.

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