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Top 9 Best Cooler With Speakers Reviews

For outdoor plans on a sunny day, three basic things are enough: food, drinks, and your favorite music. What better plan than dancing to your favorite music and quenching your thirst with a chilled drink? Usually, you would have to carry the cooler and music speakers separately. What if there was a way to minimize the overall things you have to carry? This is where a cooler with speakers makes sense.

The coolers with speakers have a separate cooling space to store items at low temperatures. It has another compartment where speakers are installed. This all-in-one unit saves space and is usually lightweight. To understand these coolers with speakers, we have to go through a few crucial factors. These factors govern the performance of the cooler with speakers.

  • Type of speaker: Speakers are divided into various types. The differentiation is based on the type of driver, audio quality, components, application, etc. The overall performance of each speaker type varies. An outdoor speaker is not confined to a limited space and hence it has to be loud and clear enough for these conditions.

  • Sound quality: The speakers used in these coolers perform on par with other speakers. They are equipped with compact audio drivers which are responsible for clear audio quality. These speakers are designed to handle a wider range of audio frequencies. The volume level is calibrated for outdoor usage.
  • Battery life: Sometimes, the cold storage itself does not need electricity. The built-in speakers however run on battery power. By using rechargeable batteries, the cooler with speakers will not need a continuous power supply via an electrical outlet. Reducing the dependency on electrical outlets, the cooler becomes portable.

These factors help in filtering out a good cooler with speakers from other options. Various beverage and audio accessories brands have developed these special types of cooler. We have compiled a list of the best coolers with speakers available in the market. This article will guide you through all the specifications and details related to the cooler. A “Buying Guide” is also discussed to further elaborate on important factors related to these coolers.

Best Cooler With Speakers Chart

Best Cooler With Speakers Reviews

1. Bud Light Cooler With Speakers

Bud Light Cooler With SpeakersBud Light is a sub-brand of the famous Anheuser-Busch company. Introduced back in the year 1982, Bud Light has been catering to the consumer for a long time. It has developed special coolers for its canned drinks that offer both cooling and entertainment.

The Bud Light Soft Cooler Speaker is designed as a multifunctional unit. It comes with a large cooling space that can easily hold 24 cans of your favorite beverage. The storage has a heat-sealed lining which keeps the cooler air-tight. A pair of wireless speakers are installed on the other side of the cooler. These speakers house a high-sensitive driver that creates a punchy and deep bass. It is loud enough for outdoor applications.

The speaker is enabled with Bluetooth technology to connect various devices. Bluetooth helps in faster data transfers along with minimal power consumption. Speaking about power, a rechargeable battery keeps the speaker running for over 5 hours. This unit is made up of high-quality materials for good durability. With adjustable shoulder straps, you can easily carry the cooler anywhere.

Best Feature:

  • Portable cooler made up of high-quality materials
  • A pair of built-in speakers
  • Battery life of 5 hours
  • Supports Bluetooth and auxiliary cable connectivity
  • Cold storage capacity of 24 cans (12 oz each)
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for easy handling


  • The audio quality of the speakers is good even in the outdoor conditions
  • The heat-sealed lining offers good insulation and keeps the beverage cold for a long time
  • A flexible body design helps in easy storage when the cooler is not in use


  • It does not charge other devices

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2. Budweiser Cooler With Speakers

Budweiser Cooler With SpeakersBudweiser is also a sub-brand of the Anheuser-Busch company. Being present in the brewery market for nearly 150 years, it has developed several products to enhance the quality of canned drinks. By combining new technologies, its products offer multiple features to consumers.

The Budweiser Soft Cooler Bag Speaker is made up of shockproof materials. This outdoor cooler has a large capacity of cold storage to store 24 cans of your favorite beverage. There are 2 speakers installed on the side profile of the cooler. These speakers sync with each other to produce deep and louder bass, audible in outdoor conditions. The highly sensitive drivers are capable of reducing any distortion in sound, leading to a crisp clear audio quality.

To wirelessly connect the speaker to other devices, it is enabled with Bluetooth technology. Arrangements for auxiliary cables are also provided to connect devices physically. A rechargeable battery fulfills the power requirement of the speaker for 5 hours. Handling the cooler is easy with the help of adjustable shoulder straps. All linings are heat-sealed to keep the cooler air-tight.

Best Feature:

  • Outdoor cooler with built-in pair of speakers
  • Overall battery life of 5 hours
  • Supports wireless Bluetooth and auxiliary cable connectivity
  • A storage capacity of 24 cans (12 oz each) for cooling
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for easy transportation
  • Flexible body design


  • The highly-sensitive drivers of the speaker produce a variety of audio signatures
  • The cold storage show incredible cooling due to proper insulation and heat-sealed linings
  • It has an aggressive price tag compared to the competitors


  • No arrangements for charging external devices

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3. Super Real Cooler With Speakers

Super Real Cooler With SpeakersSuper Real Business is a well-known manufacturer of customizable speaker bags. The speaker bags are designed to turn a normal cooler into a speaker-enabled unit. It offers a wider range of customization to the user to design the product as per their requirement.

The Super Real Cooler with Speaker is a lightweight unit. It houses a pair of 20-watt removable speakers. These stereo speakers are capable of producing high-quality audio with balanced bass and treble. With the help of Bluetooth connectivity, seamless streaming of music is possible between speakers and other devices. You can also plug an audio cable into the 3.5mm jack.

A rechargeable battery takes care of the speaker’s power requirements for more than 8 hours. The speaker also has a USB port to connect and recharge devices at the same time. The shock-resistant compartments keep your favorite beverages cool and safe from damage. The overall construction is waterproof to keep the electronics safe from water damage.

Best Feature:

  • Lightweight cooler with a water-resistant construction
  • A pair of built-in 20-Watt stereo speakers
  • Rechargeable battery with 8 hours runtime
  • USB charging port for external devices
  • Supports connectivity via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm audio jack
  • Separate cooling compartment for stored beverages


  • The full-range audio drivers accurately produce balanced bass and treble signature
  • A shockproof body saves the stored items from transportation damage
  • The portable speakers can be detached from the cooler body to easily store the cooler


  • For handling the cooler, only one shoulder strap is provided

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4. TUNES2GO Cooler With Speakers

TUNES2GO Cooler With SpeakersTunes2Go is a manufacturer of audio accessories for outdoor applications. It has incorporated various designs to improve the functionality of its products. Its KoolMax series is focused on turning normal coolers into multifunctional units.

The Tunes2Go CA-E065A KoolMAX Portable Cooler With Speaker is a powerful unit. It houses a pair of 6.5-inch hi-fi speakers and a pair of 2-inch high-performance tweeters. This configuration of speakers churns out a 350-watt output, resulting in a powerful audio delivery. Being waterproof, the speakers resist damage by moisture or water. It comes equipped with Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect to other devices.

A rechargeable battery power the speaker for 16 hours for an uninterrupted music session. Apart from speakers, the battery also powers other devices with the help of a 12V power outlet. The cold compartment has a 40-quarts capacity to cool 48 beverage cans or 28 bottles at once. By using advanced insulation technology, the stored items remain cold for 3 days. A retractable handle, side handles, and pair of wheels easily moves the cooler to the desired location.

Best Feature:

  • Portable cooler with built-in 6.5-inch hi-fi speakers and 2-inch tweeters
  • A maximum wattage of 350 Watts
  • Overall battery life of 16 hours
  • Enabled with Bluetooth connectivity
  • 12 V charging port for external devices
  • Cold storage capacity of 40 quarts (48 cans)
  • Retractable handle and wheels for easy transportation


  • With the help of good insulation, the cooler keeps the stored items cool for 3 days
  • It has adequate waterproofing to avoid water damage to the electronics
  • A dedicated remote controller access the speaker functions from the comfort of the fingertips


  • The speaker is priced higher than its competitors

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5. Beemojo Cooler With Speakers

Beemojo Cooler With SpeakersBeeMojo is an expert in developing gear and accessories for outdoor lifestyles. It designs products by involving innovation and creativity. Its high-quality product range is available at pocket-friendly price tags.

The BeeMojo Cooler Bag with Speakers is built to last. This unit is covered with a puncture-resistant 600D polyester layer, backed with multiple layers of foam and fabrics. The cooler features a pair of speakers to brighten your party mood. For seamless data transfer, Bluetooth technology is used to connect the speakers and other devices. You can also connect non-Bluetooth devices with the help of an auxiliary or USB for data transfer and charging.

The 3.7-watt-hour battery powers the speakers for 4 to 6 hours on a single charge. The cold storage compartment is surrounded by a dual-padded insulation layer. The heat-sealed sewing process keeps the 2-gallon compartment cool for a longer time with zero leakage. The body of this cooler is collapsible and can be folded to a 3.9-inch flat body.

Best Feature:

  • Portable cooler covered with 600D polyester, foam, and fabric layers
  • A pair of built-in speakers
  • Rechargeable 3.7 WH battery with 6 hours runtime
  • Enabled with Bluetooth and auxiliary connectivity
  • USB charging dock for other devices
  • Cold storage capacity of 2 gallons (24 cans)


  • The cold compartment is covered with double pad insulation and heat seal lining for efficient cooling
  • A collapsible body design folds the cooler into a 3.9-inch size for easy storage
  • The cooler body is durable and resistant to punctures


  • Storage compartment for additional accessories is small

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6. Coolbox Cooler With Speakers

Coolbox Cooler With SpeakersCoolBox produces a wider range of storage containers. By keeping its “all-in-one” motto in mind, CoolBox has developed multiple utility boxes. By testing its products, it can deliver durable products to the consumer.

The CoolBox Cooler With Speakers has a sturdy construction made up of a commercial-grade polypropylene shell. It houses a pair of 20-Watt marine-grade speakers that blast high-quality audio. You can wirelessly stream your favorite music track by simply connecting the speaker with Bluetooth technology. In absence of Bluetooth, a dedicated auxiliary port can be used for a wired connection. A lithium-ion battery keeps the powerful speakers running for 4 hours.

To charge external devices, two USB charging ports are also provided. The internal cold compartment is made up of polyurethane foam to minimize heat transfer. This insulation keeps 22 beverage cans(12 oz) cool for 2 to 3 days. For easy transportation of the cooler, it has a total of 3 integrated handles, a retractable handle, and a pair of heavy-duty wheels. A small display provides time and battery details.

Best Feature:

  • Sturdy cooler made up of commercial-grade polypropylene material
  • A pair of built-in 20-Watt speakers with marine-grade quality
  • Maximum battery life of 4 hours
  • Connectivity options like Bluetooth and auxiliary port
  • Cold storage capacity of 22 cans (12 oz each)
  • Heavy-duty wheels and retractable handle for easy transportation of cooler


  • The wide range of audio frequencies is delivered by the speakers with accurate tone
  • The polyurethane foam maintains the cool temperature in the cooler for 2 to 3 days
  • A USB charging dock is available to charge 2 devices at the same time


  • The display does not provide adequate information

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7. Sakar Cooler With Speakers

Sakar Cooler With SpeakersSakar has been developing various electronic accessories for consumers. Its sub-brand, Margaritaville is focused on manufacturing utility bags and apparel for various products.

The Margaritaville Cooler Speaker has a flexible body. It features a pair of speakers that produces a powerful and crystal surround sound. These speakers can be connected to other speakers or devices via Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth allows an efficient data transfer within a 33-feet range, for lag-free music streaming.

You won’t have to worry about running out of power, thanks to a battery backup of 5 hours. The cold compartment can easily store 12 beverage cans. The insulated lining keeps the stored items cool for a day. A shoulder strap helps distribute the overall weight and helps in carrying the cooler anywhere.

Best Feature:

  • Portable cooler with a flexible body construction
  • A pair of built-in speakers
  • Maximum battery life of 5 hours
  • Enabled with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Cold storage capacity of 12 beverage cans
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for easy transportation


  • The speakers produce loud audio even in the outdoor conditions
  • It has an insulated lining that maintains cold temperature with zero leakage
  • A maximum operating range of 33 feet helps offers remote streaming of music


  • External storage for other accessories is less

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8. GabbaGoods Cooler With Speakers

GabbaGoods Cooler With SpeakersAnother product from the large arsenal of Budweiser has made it to the list. This product is loaded with various features which are absent in its smaller counterpart.

The Bud Light Cooler Speaker has a unique foldable design with good durability. It features a pair of stereo speakers, calibrated for precise mid and high-range audio delivery. The sensitive drivers accurately reproduce the bass and stereo effect at maximum volume, with zero audio distortion. The Bluetooth and Wifi technology connects your devices with the speakers for a lag-free data transfer.

The rechargeable battery effortlessly powers the energy-efficient speakers for 5 hours. It houses an insulated cooling compartment to store 24 beverage cans at a time. A retractable chair is also fitted on the cooler which can sustain a 250 lbs load. An adjustable shoulder strap helps carry the cooler to your desired location. The cooler is water-resistant to avoid damage to the electronics.

Best Feature:

  • Foldable cooler made up of durable materials
  • A pair of built-in stereo speakers
  • Overall battery backup of 5 hours
  • Supports Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity
  • Cold storage capacity of 24 cans
  • Retractable chair with 250 lbs loading capacity
  • Adjustable shoulder strap to carry the cooler


  • The sensitive drivers accurately produce mid and high-range audio frequencies
  • The cold storage is insulated and covered with heat-sealed lining for enhanced cooling
  • The water-resistant construction offers protection against water damage


  • It lacks a drain plug to remove melted ice and water

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9. Seismic Cooler With Speakers

Seismic Cooler With SpeakersSeismic Audio is a synonymous name in the market for speaker systems. It has developed various accessories for its speaker range. The high-quality cooler range is specially developed for immersive outdoor plans.

The Seismic Audio SC37WS Blue Cooler With Built-in Speakers has a clean and sturdy design. It houses a pair of 4.5-inch speakers to produce loud and accurate tunes. These speakers are connected to other devices via Bluetooth technology. The 37-quart cold storage is covered with 2-inch thick insulation for maximum ice retention. The operational temperature of -11 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit keeps 50 canned beverages cool for 10 days.

A rechargeable battery powers the speakers for 4 hours on a single charge. A pair of heavy-duty rope handles help in moving the cooler to the desired location. A good-quality sealing gasket keeps the cooler away from heat leakage. You can access the speaker functions via a remote controller. The LED control panel offers various information related to the speaker.

Best Feature:

  • Durable cooler with a sturdy construction
  • A pair of built-in 4.5-inch speakers
  • Maximum battery life of 4 hours
  • Enabled with wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Cold storage capacity of 37 Quarts (50 canned beverages)
  • Wireless remote controller
  • LED panel for speaker-related information


  • The 2-inch insulation maintains a temperature of -11 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 days
  • A good-quality gasket prevents leakage of heat into the cold storage
  • The transportation of the cooler is easy with a pair of heavy-duty rope handles


  • There is no extra compartment to store other accessories

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Buying Guide For The Best Cooler With Speakers

Cooler with speakers is a clever way of reducing the overall load for your outdoor plans. These coolers offer excellent cooling and music streaming at the same time. We have discussed the technical specifications of all the coolers on the list. This buying guide will further explain these specifications in detail. With the help of this information, the selection process for the best cooler with speakers becomes easy.

1. Speaker Type

A cooler with speakers is solely used for outdoor applications. Choosing any type of speaker will eventually lead to low-quality music production. The speakers are divided into two types, indoor and outdoor. Based on these conditions, they are equipped with different audio components. Speakers for the cooler use compact drivers which produce a sufficient amount of power. They work in different frequency ranges to produce loud music. Outdoor speakers are also provided with certain ratings for outdoor usage. This helps in making them durable.

2. Sound Quality

The sound quality of a speaker depends on various factors. The maximum wattage of the speaker is responsible for an amplifier’s power delivery. Being used for outdoor applications, these speakers are generally paired with a set of tweeter drivers and woofers. This configuration takes care of the bass and treble signatures. The frequency range of the speaker is kept between 20Hz to 20kHz to produce an audio tone that a human ear can hear. A good sensitivity rating determines how loud the speaker will be (excluding noise). To create a 3D sound effect, the speaker also uses a stereo or surround sound channel.

3. Cold Storage Features

A cooler’s most important feature is to maintain the cold temperature of the stored items. The overall capacity determines how many items can be stored in the cooler. Usually, this capacity is measured in gallons. Since the storage is usually used for canned drinks, the storage is also measured by can/bottle capacity. Another feature of the cooler storage is its operating temperature. The temperature must remain below the atmospheric temperature, to keep the stored items cool. Using insulating material the operating temperature can be kept below zero for a long period.

4. Connectivity And Range

Connectivity is important for speakers to play music tracks. Various technologies allow fast data transfer between the speaker and other devices. Bluetooth is one of the popular technologies used to connect two or more Bluetooth-enabled devices. The plus point of Bluetooth is its connectivity not being dependent on the network.

The minimum range of 10 meters is achieved by Bluetooth. Wifi offers a more operating range with the help of network connectivity. It can be used to connect speakers with smart hubs. Other options like AUX or RCA cables establish a physical connection with the speakers. USB, TF card, and SD card ports also provide alternative connectivity.

5. Battery Life

The built-in speakers are equipped with rechargeable batteries. These batteries continuously power the speaker for a long time. Depending on the power consumption of the speaker at full volume, the battery capacity is exhausted. By using large-capacity batteries, the overall battery backup can be increased. The only drawback of these batteries is their size, which will not be suitable for a compact cooler body. Lithium-ion batteries are thereby used for their large capacity and small size.

a. Battery Charging Options

Various alternatives are available to charge these batteries A standard 12V DC port is available to charge the speaker via domestic power outlets. A USB charging port is also provided to charge the battery via a USB power cable. Other options like swappable batteries are ideal for minimizing the charging time.

6. Weatherproofing

Speakers used in the cooler are mostly used for outdoor applications. They are provided with various weatherproofing features to extend their durability. IP rating against water splashes ensures that the speaker will not be damaged by water. The enclosure of the speaker is also designed to resist dust since the electronics are vulnerable to damage by dirt particles. The speaker’s body is made up of material that does not creep under continuous sunlight. To prevent the fainting of outer paint, UV-resistant coating is also done.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you use built-in cooler speakers for charging external devices?

Ans: The cooler with speakers runs on a rechargeable battery. Most of these batteries are designed to fulfill the power requirements of speakers. There is no arrangement for the speaker to turn into a charging dock for other devices. The reverse charging feature on some speakers is available when connected to a power outlet.

2. How are speakers protected against the cold temperature of cooler storage?

Ans: The cooling storage and speaker unit are placed in different compartments of a cooler. To avoid the transfer of low temperature from the storage walls, it is covered with insulator materials. This also avoids the formation of mixture particles due to the temperature difference.

3. What features must be checked for easy transportation of the cooler?

Ans: Coolers with speakers have a fairly lightweight construction. After loading all items, this weight increases. To comfortably move these coolers, built-in handles can be used. Some coolers also come with a set of wheels to effortlessly move the speaker. You can also use belt straps to carry the speakers anywhere.

4. How does cold storage keep items cold without electricity?

Ans: The important factor in maintaining cold temperatures is the use of insulator materials. These materials prevent the circulation of warm air by absorbing heat. Ice cubes are also used to maintain a certain temperature in cold storage. This cold temperature can last for 1 day or even for a week.


The coolers with built-in speakers have changed our perception regarding multi-functional devices. This configuration simplifies the process of carrying multiple devices for a road trip. The cold storage and speaker sections are designed to coexist with each other. This article explains all the crucial details regarding the cooler with speakers. A buying guide and FAQ section provide answers to queries related to the cooler with speakers. By referring to this discussion, we have chosen our favorite options from the list.

  • If your requirements are pure power with maximum runtime, the TUNES2GO Cooler With Speakers is your answer. This unit houses a pair of 65-inch Hi-Fi and 2-inch performance tweeters. With a 350-watt power output, these speakers deliver powerful audio. A rechargeable battery keeps these powerful speakers running for 16 hours. The cooler is water resistant, keeping the electronics safe from water damage. For uninterrupted streaming of music, Bluetooth technology allows efficient data transfer. The 40-quart cold storage makes sure you get a cold beverage can even after 3 days. A pair of handles and wheels allow easy transpiration of the cooler. The cooler and speakers will continue to perform even after the end of your outdoor parties.

  • Our next option offers good performance without emptying your pockets. The Budweiser Cooler With Speakers is a durable unit with shockproof construction. It houses a pair of speakers that are capable of delivering deep and loud bass. The sensitive drivers accurately reproduce audio with zero distortion. Bluetooth helps in establishing a wireless connection with other devices. The auxiliary port allows alternative connectivity with the speaker. A rechargeable battery powers the speaker for 5 hours on a single charge. The cold storage can hold and cool 24 cans of beverages at a time. The flexible body of the cooler can be easily transported with the help of an adjustable strap. All the features are available at an aggressive price tag making this option the most affordable cooler.

  • For maximum cooling with entertainment, the Seismic Cooler With Speakers is a perfect choice. This cooler has a pair of 4.5-inch speakers capable of producing distortionless audio, even at higher volume levels. With Bluetooth connectivity, lag-free streaming of music is possible. A lithium-ion battery continuously powers the speakers for 4 hours. Speaking about the cooling property, the 37-Quart capacity cold storage is covered with thick insulations. This helps in cooling 50 canned beverages for 10 days at an operating temperature of -11 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit. With the help of heavy-duty handle ropes, the cooler can be moved to the desired location. Equipped with high-quality sealing gaskets, this cooler will keep items cool even after the end of the party.

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