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TOPDON TC001 Thermal Camera Review

Overall, apart from a few nitpickings, we like both the hardware and software of the TOPDON TC001 Thermal Imaging Camera. It is very easy to set up on both Android and Windows systems. Just install the app/software, connect the Camera module, and start using it. it is that simple.

The companion app is very good and easy to use.You can measure the temperature of a point, along a line (highest and lowest), or in a plane (highest and lowest). The camera can measure up to 9 different readings at a time.

The resolution of the main sensor is 256 × 192 pixels. This might seem like a small value, but when we are talking about Infrared Cameras, this is equivalent to ultra-high resolution.

Apart from taking images, the TC001 also allows you to record videos. The advantage of TC001 in this regard is its frame rate of 25Hz. The videos are smooth without any stuttering.

Speaking of stutter, the one thing we didn’t like about the Android App experience is the camera freezes occasionally. This happens only if you enable the “Auto Shutter” option in the settings as the sensor calibrates all the time.

While the software for Windows lets you view the thermal image on the screen, it doesn’t allow you to capture the image or record video. You have to rely on screen capture or screen recording. So, if you want to use the TOPDON TC001 Thermal Camera primarily with a Windows machine, then you have to keep this in mind.

Finally, if you are looking for a decent-quality thermal camera for your Android Smartphone, then the TOPDON TC001 Thermal Imaging Camera attachment is a very good choice. If you are an electrical or electronics repair personnel or an HVAC technician, the thermal camera comes in handy to pinpoint the thermal hotspots.

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