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Vision processors bring AI to intelligent cameras

Hailo-15 AI-centric vision processors from chipmaker Hailo deliver video processing and analytics at the edge when integrated into intelligent cameras. Hailo-15 SoCs deliver up to 20 tera operations per second (TOPS) running on a neural network core, processing multiple advanced deep-learning models in parallel.

Cameras outfitted with Hailo-15 vision processors can be deployed in smart cities, factories, and retail locations. Transportation authorities using Hailo-15 empowered cameras are able to recognize everything from accidents and lost children to misplaced luggage.

All Hailo-15 video processors support multiple input streams at 4K resolution and combine CPU and DSP subsystems with a field-proven AI core. The family includes three variants to meet the varying processing needs and price points of smart camera makers and AI application providers. These variants include the Hailo-15H (20 TOPS), Hailo-15M (11 TOPS), and Hailo-15L (7 TOPS).

According to the manufacturer, Hailo-15 processors enable over 5X higher performance than currently available solutions in the market at a comparable price point. For example, the Hailo-15H is capable of running the YOLOv5M6 object detection model with high input resolution (1280×1280) at a real-time sensor rate or the classification model benchmark, ResNet-50, at 700 fps.

Hailo-15 vision processors are engineered to consume very little power, making them suitable for all types of IP cameras and enabling the design of fanless edge devices. The small power envelope means camera designers can develop lower-cost products by leaving out an active cooling component.

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