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When choosing a powerful laptop, checking all the critical specifications has always been a need. Of the many features, a graphics card is certainly a must for gamers and creators. NVIDIA RTX 3000 series is one of the popular graphics cards that has offered a wide range of features that consumers have always loved. However, since its release, it has been in demand with unmatched customer demand.

From the range of graphics cards in a budget offered by NVIDIA RTX, the 3080 Ti and 3090 Ti are the two most common graphics cards. These are expensive and have been packed with features. However, most users have common questions about the difference between the 3080 Ti and the 3090 Ti.

If you want to enjoy the top features of a graphics card, you need to choose it effectively. This again comes down to analyzing every single detail within the card that will be helpful for you to decide on one. So, in this guide, we will learn more about these two cards and analyze the difference to help you make the right choice.

What is 3080Ti?

NVIDIA RTX 3080Ti is one of the products that NVIDIA established in the mid of the launch cycle. It was done after launching the original RTX 3080, the 3080 Ti is all-rounder performance that would help people enjoy 4K gaming without facing any issues. This graphics card was developed to hold ray-traced titles with huge RT cores.

Depending on the card’s capabilities, it has been categorized as a high-end product. You would need to spend more to get this card. When it comes to the hardware, the manufacturer has ensured speed and performance with the latest RAM and higher cores. It ensures that this is a great gaming card perfect for gaming stations and also for workstation that needs 3D rendering.

However, it comes with a pretty hefty price which is, again, hard to swallow. Fortunately, the features and functionalities delivered would match your requirements.

What is 3090Ti?

The next developed graphics card made by the brand is the RTX 3090Ti. It is the last release made by the manufacturer in this range. It was done after launching the original RTX 3090 graphics card. The graphics card boasts some of the exceptional hardware specs that users have not ever witnessed. When it comes to finding the most powerful graphics card, this is one of those with a robust GPU by NVIDIA.

This high-quality graphics card can offer exceptional performance at the 4K resolution. It also gives you access to CUDA cores which makes it a great choice for gaming and workstations. The 2nd generation RT cores with high-end clock speed make sure of the hardware. It has some high-end hardware settings to ensure enjoying the performance and speed.

However, you need to spend a lot of money to own this. Honestly, it is more than just a gaming card.

What are the Specifications and Features of 3080Ti and 3090Ti?

Although both graphics cards belong to the same brand, there are several differences in the specifications. Understanding every detail of these graphics is very important for people who are looking forward to using them for graphical and gaming use. So, let us check out some of the most important specifications to help you make an informed decision.

1. GPU Code

Although both of the graphics cards belong to the same brand, they don’t have the same name. However, when it comes to the GPU, they share a similar GPU. When you compare the 3080 Ti with the 3090 Ti, you will check that they both have been integrated with the GD102. However, there are some minor differences in the GPU Code.

Its 3080 Ti graphics card uses GA 102- 225-A1, whereas 3090 Ti uses GA 102-350 – A1. This slight difference provides them with certain changes in the cores. It also has slight notable differences in performance due to the change in GPU.

2. CUDA Cores

Apart from slight changes in both versions’ GPU code, there are also various changes in their CUDA cores. These cores are the programming language that is leveraged by the GPU in a way so that the graphics card gets the ability to perform a wide range of tasks. With multiple cores, it is able to process data in the GPU and make the calculations seamlessly.

The 3080 Ti has 10, 240 cores, and the 3090 Ti has 10,752. As these graphics cards have more than 10000 cores, it clearly means that these can offer a solid gaming experience and help you in your 3D creation process.

3. Memory

In order to meet the diverse requirements of today’s professional world, you would require high-end graphics cards with improved memory. It will become helpful in maintaining display data, AI models, and HD displays. When the GPU is backed with more memory, it will have more performance and functionality and help you in creating. It can eventually improve productivity.

  • Type: The VRAM is one of the things that ensure the smooth running of the games and work. This becomes helpful when working with higher resolution, as you will require more storage with more pixels. When you compare both, the 3080 Ti and 3090Ti use similar types of GDDR6X RAM. However, there is a slight variation in the other factors of memory.
  • AM: Apart from the type of VRAM integrated into the graphics card, checking the maximum capacity is of utmost need. With large RAM, the graphics card will be able to attain maximum speed. The 3080Ti has 12GB of RAM, and the 3090 Ti has double the capacity of the 3090Ti. It is clear that the 3090Ti has improved ability.
  • Bus Width & Bandwidth: Bus width and bandwidth are the two other parameters in the memory with a lot to decide on the performance. Bus width is the wires present in the bus, generally mentioned in bits, whereas bandwidth is the data that it can transfer through the bus. The 3080 Ti has 384 Bits and 912 GBPS bus width and bandwidth, and the 3090 Ti has the same 384 bits with a slight change in bandwidth of 1008 GBPS.
  • Clock Speed (MHz): Checking the GPU clock speed is important as it determines how fast the GPU can process the instruction for creating graphics. Even when it is not something directly associated with the performance, it is certainly something on overclocking. From the two cards, the 3090 Ti definitely leads the speed as it has a base clock of 1560 MHZ and a boost clock of 1860 MHz. On the other hand, the 3080 Ti has a base clock of 1365 MHz which can be boosted to 1665 Mhz. Therefore, the 3090 Ti has a faster processing speed compared to the competitor.

4. PCIe 4.0

Checking the graphics card interface is again absolutely necessary. When integrated with the last interface of PCIe, you can leverage the maximum potential of the graphics card. Even when other features might have slight variations, both 3090 Ti and 3080 Ti have similar interfaces of PCIe 4.0 x 16. s PCIe lanes help GPUs to access COU directly, choosing upgraded versions is always a necessity. It helps the graphics card to work with the latest games.

5. Core Clock and Boost Clock Speed (MHz)

The graphics cards are the specialized units that determine the performance. When a graphics card has a higher clock speed, it will be able to process faster. However, it includes both base clock and boost clock speed. Its base clock is the minimum attainable speed, while the boosted one is the speed that is boosted over normal. This is the highest speed attainable by the graphics cards.

In the 3080 Ti, the core clock speed is 1370 MHz which can be boosted to 1667 Mhz, and in 3090Ti, the core speed is 1560 MHz which can be boosted to 1860 MHz. It is clear that the 3090Ti is the winner here.

6. Slot Width

While choosing the graphics card, you must have a clear knowledge of clot width. This is actually the distance between tooth tips. The 3080 Ti is connected to PCIe 4.0 interface, and the dimensions are 285 mm x 112 mm x 40 mm. It has a dual cooling solution. Coming to the 3090 Ti card, it has a dimension of 336 mm x 140 mm x 61 mm. It has triple-slot cooling features.

7. Output Ports

All graphics cards are designed with output ports that again let users connect them to the screen. Unlike previous times, most modern cards come with HDMI and display ports.

  • HDMI: Both the RTX 3080 Ti and 3090 Ti have been integrated with 1 HDMI port.
  • Display Port: The displayport in both 3090 Ti and 39080 Ti is 3. While there are slight variations in other specs, the number of output ports is the same.

8. Thermal Design Power

TDP or the Thermal Design Power of the graphics card is another feature of the graphics card that shows the maximum energy that the graphics card will be able to consume. It happens during maximum use and converts the cooling solution into heat that needs to be dissipated. Since overheating of the GPU might lead to low profile graphics card losing performance and face thermal throttle, TDP is an absolutely necessary aspect to check.

Between both 3090 Ti and 3080 Ti, there is a huge difference in power. The 3080 Ti has a 250W capacity, whereas the 3090 Ti has 450W. So, as it provides improved capability and power, it needs more cooling, which is definitely taken care of by the brand itself.

9. Supplementary Power Connectors

The RTX 3090 Ti includes a 16-pin power connector. This graphics card is integrated with a 3×8 pin and 16-pin cable adapter. On the other hand, the 3080 Ti has a 12-pin connector.

Specifications 3080 Ti 3090 Ti
GPU GA 102- 225-A1 GA 102-350 – A1
PCIe 4.0 4.0
CUDA Core 10, 240 10,752
Slot Width 285 mm x 112 mm x 40 mm 336 mm x 140 mm x 61 mm
Base clock 1365 MHz 1560 MHZ
Boost Clock Speed 1665 Mhz 1860 MHz
Memory Type GDDR6X GDDR6X
RAM 12 GB 24 GB
Bus width 384 Bits 384 Bits
Bandwidth 912 GBPS 1008 GBPS
TDP 250W 450W
HDMI 1 1
DisplayPort 3 3
Supplementary power connectors 12-pin 16-pin
Supports DLSS Yes Yes
Supports Ray Tracing Yes Yes
Overclocking Yes Yes
Price $1,199 $1,999

Comparison Between 3080Ti vs. 3090 Ti

If you are yet to decide whether to choose 3080 Ti or 3090 Ti, the comparison in the performance will be slightly helpful. Besides, the details of the specification will also help in understanding the capabilities of both graphics cards.

1. Gaming Performance

From the specification we have checked, you have observed that there is only a slight difference between both. The 3080 Ti is a close competition to the 3090 Ti. It is justified to say that 3090 Ti is slightly higher power compared to the other, but it is not much. Specifically, the performance is only 5 to 10% different, with the most outrageous difference in 4K. However, the 3080 Ti is able to acquire 60FPS at 4k.

We will discover the difference between the different resolutions for different games in 3080Ti and 3090Ti.

  • For Fortnite: While playing Fortnite, both the cards were more than the 200 frame mark which is near 300 FPS. Both have great 1080p performance even after optimizing to high resolutions.
  • Watch Dogs: Legion: This game was examined on ultra settings on both. The 3080 Ti has an average of 100 FPS at 1440p, which is close to the 3090 Ti. However, the average 1440p performance with 3090 Ti is 100.7 FPS and ultrawide with 174.6 FPS. We tested some of the popular games like, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Call of Duty: Warzone and Microsoft Flight Simulator as well.
  • The Apex Legend: When played at 4K, 3080 Ti went to 137 FPS. Even when the game is optimized, there is a huge leap in performance which means that it surpasses 100FPS, which is very impressive. 3080Ti has almost similar performance to the expensive RTX 3090 Ti. However, the 3090 Ti is able to retain the spot if you are looking for the highest frame rates.

2. DLSS and Ray Tracing

DLSS is developed by NVIDIA refers to neural graphics technology that can enhance performance using AI. It improves the ability to create high-resolution and new frames by image reconstruction. Both 3080 Ti and 3090 Ti support ray tracing and DLSS. Therefore, users can get realistic lighting and gaming reflection.

3. Power Consumption

One of the crucial factors you need to ensure is the supported wattage of the PSU. Adding the power consumption of every single component of the card will help you find the total power supply requirement. The peak power consumption of 3080 Ti is 350W, whereas the 3090 Ti comparatively requires less power. It draws a maximum power of 285W.

4. Overclocking

Overclocking is a feature available in some graphics cards that give users the freedom to improve the clock speed of the graphics card to improve the overall performance. Both the 3080 Ti and 3090 Ti can be overclocked to reach maximum performance and speed. However, you must know what you are doing to prevent unnecessary damage to the GPU.

5. Price

 Lastly, price is one of the major factors we consider when choosing a graphics card. There is no denying the fact that these high-end graphics cards are packed with features. You might need to pay a little bit extra to buy these high-performing cards. The 3090 Ti would cost you $1999, whereas the 3080 Ti would charge less, i.e., $1199.


Both graphics cards are meant for gaming needs. These can be a good choice for casual gamers, and creators who want to upscale their performance and push to extremes can take advantage of choosing one such graphics card. So undeniably, the 3090 Ti is an expensive choice which is 60% higher. However, it only provides 12% more features compared to its rivals.

If you require a performing card that can power your needs, take advantage of the 3080 Ti gaming card.

3080Ti vs 3090 Ti FAQs

1. Is 3090 Ti Better than 3080 Ti?

Ans: Regarding performance, as we have checked, the 3090 Ti is, ofcourse better than the 3080 Ti in several aspects. However, they do not make a huge difference. We have observed only a little 12% difference. Besides, when it comes to gaming performance, with a higher FPS, the 3090 Ti leads the race.

2. Is 3090 Ti faster than 3080 Ti?

Ans: When it comes to the clock rate of both cards, the 3090 Ti has a 14% higher base clock with a 12% higher boost rate. Additionally, it has 11% more memory clocks than its rival. This is one of the reasons why the 3090 Ti attains higher performance.

3. Is 3090Ti worth the expense?

Ans: Undoubtedly you get better performance in 3090 Ti, but on the other hand, it comes with a huge price tag. So, only when you want a perfect card with ultimate performance is it worth the expense. As the 3080 Ti is slightly less, it provides almost similar performance. So, it is based on your budget and preference.

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