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A laptop without a graphics card is not worth your investment, especially if you are into creating and gaming. Even when most laptops come with integrated graphics cards, there are also high-end computers that let you add graphics cards individually. While the market is overflooded with some high-end graphics cards, the two most popular ones that have been growing are the 3050 Ti and 3060.

It has been only a few months since you can find the RTX 3000 laptops. NVIDIA initially launched their expensive and high-end series of Nvidia Geforce RTX 3070 , Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080 & Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080 ti. However, later they developed moderate versions to make it accessible for players and creators. These are the 3050 Ti and 3069 chips.

These two GPUs are certainly a competitor from their own brand, but it is available at a competitive price. Buyer requires shoving off more but certainly are available below $1000. However, before you go ahead to make a choice of the right type of graphics card, here is the comparison that you need to read.

As both the chips have enough power and come from the same brand, it can become a real hassle to choose. So, here we will take a look at the detailed specification to help it become easier to make a choice.

What is 3050 Ti?

Even when the brand mentioned offering affordable graphics cards, most beginner gamers cannot afford it. So, their RTX 3050 Ti is one of the reasonable models compared to others. It can be said to be reasonable as it has a much lesser price tag compared to others.

NVIDIA has always advertised its xx50 graphics cards as cards for beginners. These cards come with entry-level prices with better performance for moderate gaming. Despite being affordable, this graphics card delivers a very impressive performance. It is thoroughly consistent and justifies your need to upgrade.

What is 3060?

While the RTX 3070 is one of the mid-range products of this brand, the prices are simply unreachable. Similar to the former card, the 3060 has been created at a reasonably affordable price so that it becomes affordable for new gamers. Despite being advertised as entry-level, the high-end specs can kick off any competitor with the overclocking ability.

With improved memory and capacity, the 3060 has created a benchmark. Compared to its rivals, the 3060 is known for being faster. You will certainly love the performance if you are solely buying for gaming. It can constantly deliver an improved frame rate which is why irrespective of the game you want to play, the card is enough to justify your needs.

Specifications and Features of 3050Ti and 3060

It is certainly not worth buying until you have checked the specification in detail. As graphics cards are one of the prime needs of both gamers and video editors, choosing a card with exceptional capability will always be a great choice. So, let us dig in to find out the worthy option.

1. GPU Code

The first and one vital consideration is the GPU code. Even when both cards belong to the same brand, they have different GPU codes. It has a lot to decide regarding the graphics card’s performance. The RTX 3060 has the Ampere GA 106, and the RTX 3050 Ti uses GN20-P1. Taking a look at the GPU code will not help you decide the performance as you need to pay attention to multiple other factors.

2. CUDA Cores

In addition to the change in the GPU code, you can also find differences in the CUDA cores. This is among the other technical specifications that accompany the performance. CUDA is the programming language allowing the GPU to perform multiple tasks. When a graphics card has multiple cores, it gets the ability to process GPU data and calculations faster, which again improves the performance.

The RTX 3060 has 3584 CUDA cores, and the 3050 Ti has 2560 cores. With more cores, the graphics card is able to provide the best gaming experiences.

3. PCIe 4.0

The interface of the graphics card is another crucial factor determining the overall performance. When it is integrated with the latest card, you will be able to enjoy the ultimate potential. To ensure that the card is able to leverage the ultimate potential, it has been included with PCIe 4.0.

Integrating the PCIe 4.0 x 16 interface ensures you can enjoy a thorough performance. Even when there are some notable variations in other features, the interface is kept the same. The latest integration enables direct access to the CPU, which helps users enjoy the latest games.

4. Memory

As mentioned earlier, GPU code alone cannot decide the performance. Today’s advanced and multitasking world needs high-performance graphics cards that have more memory. This allows users to work with AI models, HD displays, and display data. With more memory and capability, the graphics card is able to offer constant functionality and performance, which eventually improves productivity.

  • Type: Checking the VRAM is a critical part of the graphics card. It is the factor that determines the ability to run games smoothly and helps you to complete your work. It is even better when you play games with higher resolution or work, as it would need more power to work with more pixels. Both the 3060 and 3050 Ti have been integrated with the GDDR6X RAM. It is the latest one with more capacity and bandwidth.
  • Max RAM: Not only will the type of memory card inserted tell you the graphics card’s ability, but you also need to be sure of the capability. The VRAM must have more GB capacity to attain the ultimate speed while working or gaming. It is denoted as Gigabyte, and the graphics card gets more capacity with more GB. The 3060 has a huge 12GB VRAM, while the 3050 Ti has only 4GB. So, it is apparent that the 3060 card has much more capability with higher VRAM.
  • Bus Width & Bandwidth: Both bus width and bandwidth has a huge role to play in deciding the capacity of the memory of the graphics card. Bus width denotes the width or the wire number within the bus. It is generally denoted as bit, and the bandwidth is the data that the card can transfer through the wires in the bus. The 3060 has a bus width of 192 bits, whereas the 3050 Ti has 128 bits. Coming to the bandwidth, the 3060 card has 360 GBPS, whereas the 3050 Ti has 192 GBPS. The numbers make it clear that the 3060 cards have improved potential.

5. Clock Speed

The clock speed of the GPU is important as it will help to understand if the GPU has more speed to process the instructions provided to the graphics card. The clock speed might not be interlinked with the GPU speed, but it certainly is associated with overclocking. The 3060 has a clock speed of 15000 MHz, whereas the 3050 Ti has 12000 MHz. Therefore, there is a notable difference between both cards, which will be visible with overclocking.

  • Core Clock and Boost Clock Speed (MHz): It is always necessary to check the clock speed as it is one of the core determining features. When the GPU has improved clock speed, it will provide improved results. But you must also check several other specifications to ensure the ability. Most graphics cards come with both minimum and boosted clock speeds. The minimum is the normal speed, and the boosted speed is the maximum speed attained.
  • From the two graphics cards, the RTX 3060 has a core speed of 1320 MHz and can be boosted to 1777 MHz. The 3050 Ti has a core speed of 1222 MHz which can be boosted to 1485 MHz. Without any double, the 3060 cards will have improved performance.

6. Output Ports

 All graphics cards come with output ports designed in them that help you to connect with the other parts of the system through the interface. However, knowing the output ports will help you to understand the ability to use other devices. it is precisely required for desktop users.

  • HDMI: Both the 3050 Ti and 3060 have 1 HDMI 2.1 graphics card port.
  • Display Port: Both graphics cards have 3 DisplayPort that can be connected with the other parts through the PCIe interface.

7. Thermal Design Power (watt)

Thermal Design Power, or TDP, is a notable feature that refers to the maximum energy of the card that it can consume. When a user makes the most use, the TDP ensures proper heat dissipation and maintains the performance.

Remember that GPU overheating is one of the prime reasons for losing its performance. TDP is generally denoted in watts and is a vital factor to check. The 3060 has been noted with 170 W of TDP, and the 3050 Ti has 60W.

8. Supplementary Power Connector

RTX 3060 can be used with 12 pins, whereas the 3050 Ti uses 8-pin connectors.

Specifications 3050 Ti 3060
GPU GA106 GN20-P1
PCIe 4.0 4.0
CUDA Core 2560 3584
Memory Clock Speed 12000 MHz 15000 Mhz
Base clock 1222 MHz 1320 MHZ
Boost Clock Speed 1485 Mhz 1777 MHz
Memory Type GDDR6X GDDR6X
RAM 4 GB 12 GB
Bus width 128 Bits 192 Bits
Bandwidth 912 GBPS 360 GBPS
TDP 60W 170W
HDMI 1 1
DisplayPort 3 3
Supplementary power connectors 8-pin 12-pin
Supports DLSS Yes Yes
Supports Ray Tracing Yes Yes
Overclocking Yes Yes
Price Starts from $249 Starts from $329

Comparison Between 3050 ti vs. 3060

With the detail of the specifications that you find about the graphics card, it will help you to understand the capabilities. However, let us check some other components of the performance so that it is easier to decide on the graphics card that can be ideal for your use.

1. Gaming Performance

The above specification makes it clear that the 3060 has slightly better capabilities in terms of the specification. It would not be an injustice to say that 3060 is slightly better in terms of performance with more TDP, bandwidth, and VRAM. However, this section would be better for you to understand the better choice for high-resolution gaming performance.

The performance of the graphics card in different resolutions for different games will help understand the performance. Remember that the FPS or Frames per second has everything to decide about the gaming performance in different resolutions. So, let’s take a look at it.


Game 3050 Ti 3060
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 47 FPS 68 FPS
Elden Ring 52 FPS 65 FPS
God of War 49 FPS 69 FPS
Final Fantasy XV 89 FPS 108 FPS


Game 3050 Ti 3060
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 42 FPS 51 FPS
Elden Ring 46 FPS 57 FPS
God of War 37 FPS 47 FPS
Final Fantasy XV 60 FPS 76 FPS


Game 3050 Ti 3060
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 29 FPS 35 FPS
Elden Ring 26 FPS 32 FPS
God of War 36.8 FPS 46.1 FPS
Final Fantasy XV 35 FPS 42 FPS

2. DLSS and Ray Tracing

DLSS is the neural graphics technology that improves performance by using AI technology. It creates new frames and resolutions through image reconstruction. It revolutionized the way to create and play. 3059 Ti supports Ray tracing and DLSS, improving performance speed without compromising the image quality. You can play more than 150 games and other high-end applications.

The 3060 again has improved Ray tracing, stimulating how light behaves and providing immersive and realistic graphics. It is integrated with 2nd gen RT cores with improved ray tracing performance. Additionally, NVIDIA DLSS provides an instant boost with AI tensor cores and improves the visual experience.

3. Power Consumption

Users generally look for graphics cards that require slightly less power. However, the 3050 Ti needs 80W of power, whereas RTX 3060 needs 115W. This is one of the most notable differences between both.

4. Overclocking

Overclocking refers to increasing the card’s clock speed, which again improves performance. Both cards offer overclocking freedom with the difference in the capacity to overclock. The 3050 Ti can be overclocked to 7%, whereas the 3060 can be increased to 10%, increasing performance.

5. Price

One of the prime specifications for a graphics card is the pricing. Like any other high-quality graphics card, this also runs short of supply due to the huge demand. The 3050 Ti starts from $249, and the 3060 starts from $329. Due to some notable upgrades in the 3060 card, it might need to pay a little bit extra.


While both the graphics from NVIDIA remain in demand, the RTX 3060 can hit the sweet spot. This 1080p card targets high graphics presets. However, this does not mean that the 3050 Ti is not a worthy choice, but it is not able to hit the spot. However, price is another big issue.

The 3050 Ti is cheaper compared to the 3060. As the demand typically is, there are times when 3060 has been sold at $850. If you want to make a good investment that would last for years, 3060 is undoubtedly better.

3050Ti vs 3060 FAQs

1. Is it a good idea to choose 3050 Ti?

Ans: If you want an average graphics card to handle average tasks and games, 3050 Ti can be chosen. However, it might fail to give the high-end performance you desire from the latest games. It is not bad, but it might not be able to offer value for money.

2. Are these cards good for gaming?

Ans: For the ultra setting of 4K gaming, 3050 ti and 3060 is not the perfect choice. If you intend to enjoy better gaming in 4k resolution, you might need to spend more on high-end graphics cards with better performance.

3. Is it the right choice to go for 3060?

Ans: Yes. For the price point, you get a good performance. It will definitely outperform 2060 and 2050 Ti. It might not be a future-proof choice, but when it comes to 1080p gaming in recent times, you are definitely making the right decision.

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