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Why WiFi6 for IoT products 

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With the evolution of WiFi6 technology development, the communication quality and efficiency of our living environments are changing rapidly nowadays. According to AcSiP Technology’s original introduction for WiFi6 technology and the related appliances in IoT field, let’s just see what are the powerful factors which are driving this trend. 


Typical Internet of Things devices have lower power consumption, a low data rate and are easy to deploy or install. 

The rich features of WiFi6 could help provide significant advantages in implementation, deployment, and, even better, in the total cost of ownership.  

What are the cutting-edge features of this new generation WiFi6? 

  • Security connection of IEEE802.11 family – WPA3 
  • Lower power consumption – TWT (Target Wait Time ), 20MHz BW (256QAM) 
  • Power efficiency – OFDMA, MU-MIMO,MU-OFDMA 

Smart homes and appliances 

IoT applications have developed from smart homes to home appliances and life management, including entry-level appliances and common control in what we call the “Smart Home.” 

AT793XLD serial module advantage 

AcSiP has designed a higher integration SoC with a better antenna – which works well as an IoT module in secure MCU platform that requires rich peripherals, WiFi6 wireless connectivity, BT5 1T1R combo solution and audio processor for voice assistance applications. 

Developers can obtain resources and technical support through sales and online channels. They can also access frequently asked questions and reference designs/templates by registering as a member on HDK and SDK. 

Mediatek inside   

Mediatek provides various solutions which are at home in portable, home or commercial IoT applications.. 

MediaTek provides a single-chip SoC that integrates an Arm Cortex-M33 MCU, WiFi6 and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity subsystems, a power management unit (PMU) and optional audio DSP. This chip offers the latest connectivity standards with reliable connectivity and data throughput, with a design that focuses on maximizing power efficiency in the smallest and lowest-power form factor. With an optional audio DSP, the chip is ideal for product developers creating voice-enabled IoT devices. 

This SoC has excellent connectivity features of WiFi6 & BT5.2 as described below. 

1T1R WiFi6 connectivity and dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) support, along with advanced WiFi features such as TWT, MU-MIMO, MU-OFDMA, QoS, Wi-Fi security up to WPA3, and integrated front-end module support for LNA and PA functionality. WiFi / Bluetooth coexistence ensures Wi-Fi connectivity remains reliable even when Bluetooth devices are also in use. 

Matter 1.0 ready   

AT793XLD  supports the Matter ecosystem and there is an initial protocol stack available for testing basic behaviors and will be updated according to last edition maintained by CSA (Connectivity Standards Alliance).  

For more information of AcSiP Technology’s solutions in detail, please visit their official website.

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