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Wi-Fi development kit is Matter-compatible

Renesas not only launched a development kit that supports the Matter protocol, but also announced Matter support on all future Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, and Thread devices. The company says this will even include products from acquirees Dialog Semiconductor and Celeno Communications.

The Matter protocol aims to solve the problem of interoperability for smart home devices. It securely connects various smart devices with each other across ecosystems, regardless of the manufacturer. Matter is an application layer protocol that abstracts the underlying connectivity technologies, such as Wi-Fi, Thread, and Bluetooth LE. By using a common software stack, device manufacturers who build with Matter will support various smart home ecosystems and voice services. Smart home users will be able to buy any Matter-certified device regardless of their platform of choice.

The first Renesas product to support the Matter protocol is the DA16200 ultra-low power Wi-Fi development kit. It is based on the DA16200 Wi-Fi SoC, which delivers more than one year of battery life for always-connected Wi-Fi IoT devices. DA16200 also supports Renesas Quick Connect IoT through the ultra-low power Wi-Fi Pmod board.

Renesas is currently sampling the DA16200 development kit with Matter support to lead customers and expects to release it broadly by the end of Q1 2023.

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